🏆 OAscars 2021 Nominations


It’s that time of year again OA, award season! Your boy Big Weng is in charge, and as Hollywood royalty I thought we’d change it up and put an entertainment capital of the world spin on it this year. There will be 5 awards up for grabs, they are as follow:

Best Picture (formerly known as moment of the year). This is the award for the most enjoyable bit of back and forth banter/conversation in any given thread we had over the course of the last 12 months. Or the most riveting, maybe something in the covid thread? Not every best picture has a happy ending :thinking::thinking:

Best Director (formerly known as poster of the year) who drives the conversation on OA? Who’s posts do you consistently find yourself giving a like to, because they talk so much damn sense? That’s the best director of OA.

Best Screenplay (formerly best post of the year) We need an absolute banger post to win this ala Gio’s epic post from several years back that would have made Martin Scorsese proud.

Best Actor/Actress (formerly known as Personality of the Year) they aren’t the brains behind OA, but their shit posts make you laugh and you always enjoy the role they play on the forum.

And finally the newest award to the OAscars…

Dirt Pounder of the Year Now before the mods get all huffy at me about this, it’s not necessarily a negative award. This is the award for the poster who is the most opinionated, most assertive, most emphatic, the person who gives off true silver back energy. Do they define the word Artetasexual? Do they despise a certain player or the board? Are they too negative, or too optimistic? Do you admire their insistent chest pounding demeanor? Who’s the true #1 Dirt Pounder on OA??? :gorilla::gorilla::gorilla::gorilla::gorilla:

This is your time to shine at the OAscars.

Please send me at least 5 nominations for each category via private message so I can organize them and get the voting started. Nominate your favorite OA members and give them the recognition they deserve! :clap::clap::clap::+1::+1::+1::us::us::us::rainbow::rainbow::tropical_drink::wine_glass::wine_glass::champagne::hocho::beers::beers::tumbler_glass::maté::hocho::eggplant::eggplant:


I suddenly feel freedom

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@shamrockgooner look at what you unleashed on us.

I actually blame everyone else who didn’t volunteer to take the job.

Nah this is good, freshen it up.

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Are we in the midst of an uprising? :rofl:

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Rise of the Dirt Pounders


Best Dirtpounder to suit the vibe I woulda thought.

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Lord Harris of Peckham said the same before welcoming Stan Kroenke.
Look where we are at now.

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The Dirt Pounders Strike Back


Careful what you wish for.


Already have recieved one set of nominations!!

Couple things for the thread. @Shamrockgooner can you sticky it to the top of the forum by any chance?

And Second, we are gonna need some of you with good memories to bring up some of the best moments of the year on OA. I’m trying to think how I can research these, but my memory is pretty poor so…

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Dirt Pounders IV: Pound Harder


Yeah I’m not the guy for that my life’s a blur :arteta:

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I’ve pinned it until Monday. Let’s see how we’re fixed then, can extend if needs be. Not sure there’s a good way to find most liked posts…perhaps @Bl1nk would know?

This is obviously “Best Screenplay”… :bergkamp:


Lmao you were very proud of this pun weren’t you :grin::grin:

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Abou Cuellar had the best puns (peace be upon him)


When do the nominations have to be in by @BigWeng_4LYFE ?

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I went through some of the history over the past year and found a few examples of best moments ect. Please if anyone remembers anything else let me know I’m going to keep searching :+1::+1:

Technically this was last year but it still falls within the 365 day period and the face reveal was a fun moment on OA :joy::joy:

The next isn’t so jovial but it’s a good example of our community coming together to try and support one another…

Lighter source material

Transfer threads are always a good time…

Biggest news of the year in the football world:

Big milestone.

This was massive for you english/Europeans.

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