Arsenal Vs Bournemouth (PL)


  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal lose

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My lineup:


Emery lineup:


Edit: I remade the poll btw fucked it up the first time my bad.


I’ll go with a win as Bournemouth aren’t usually fantastic away from home.

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Even though we are at home, I think we will concede in this game. 4-2 Bournemouth.

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I think Torreira misses out and Ceballos/Willock are in with Xhaka and Guen.

Should be winning this. 2-1

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Why are you staying the we are going back to a failed line up for the Bournemouth game. If our best are now fit why won’t they be playing?

Tempo in this one needs to be better than of late.
Need to get on the front foot because they have a bit more than Calum Wilson now. Howe got enough to take us on if we’re not careful.
Pepe in the last chance saloon now. Matenelli needs to be seen as first replacement.3 1

Bournemouth will score as they have probably the best front 4 of the smaller teams.

I’ll say 3-1 Auba hattrick as he’s my fpl captain haha

We’ll be back to 3 DMs for this one. Unless we’re lucky and one of Willock or Ceballos starts (deservedly so).

We’ll defo have Xhaka (sigh) and Guen starting, 3rd midfield spot is up for grabs.

Bournemouth are quite a dynamic team. Id personally go for:

Chambers Sok Luiz Tierney
Willock Guen Ceballos
Pepe Auba Saka

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I’m on a bit of a roll with our results this season.
I’ve only got the Watford result wrong although I wasn’t surprised they got a draw.

Arsenal 4 Frankfurt 0

Man U 2 Arsenal 2

Arsenal 3 Aston Villa 2

Arsenal 4 Nottingham Forest 0

Liverpool 3 Arsenal 1

Arsenal 2 spurs 2

Arsenal 2 v Watford 2

Arsenal 2 Burnley 1

We should beat Bournemouth but they have started well this season and Wilson and King are both scoring so I think we’ll struggle to keep a clean sheet.
I’ll go 2-1 Aubameyang and Xhaka, and King for them.

Like the Watford game, I wouldn’t be surprised if they get a point from this but if we can’t beat a team like Bournemouth, at home, then we aren’t going to get a top four place.


Do you give lottery predictions ? :sunglasses:

3-1. Will be 1-1, or in trouble for a large part of the game, playing horrible small dick football but Aubailout will strike and make the scoreline look a lot more comfortable than the match really was.

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Would be very satisfying if the defence is as good as Monday, probably have more problems with this attack though.

Will we ever play football on a Saturday ever again :joy:

We have have three Saturday games in a row in November haha

If you don’t do the lottery you will be better off. :grinning:

For all the misery we are going through, we could be 3rd tomorrow evening.

Chelsea United Scum are mid tablers these days

I am betting on your predictions now :tada:

Don’t go it.
I never do.

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Too late, just bet the house money

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That’s not quite true.
I bet on us to lose or draw when we were 4-0 up at halftime against Newcastle a few seasons ago.
I had £1 for them to win at 500/1 and £2 at 100/1 on the draw.
When i checked my Skybet account later on I couldn’t work out why there was £200 more than I expected, until I saw the Arsenal result.

I also had £5 at half time when we were 2-0 against spurs, when we threw away a two goal lead, I think I won just over £100.
Easy money when Wenger was manager and we went ahead early in the game. :grinning:

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