🏆 OAscars Poll: Best Screenplay

What post was just perfectly written, delivered, and resonated with the OA community in 2021? Get your votes in to recognize the Best Screenplay!

Poll ends December 30th at 20:00. Thanks all for your votes and looking forward to another fun year with you all in 2022 :heart::heart::heart:

  • Jakey Ripping on the USA
  • Cristo’s English Fan Rant
  • Jakey Gets Married
  • Phoebica Opens Up on Mental Health
  • Cristo’s Dane Interview
  • Sol Opens Up on Mental Health

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As a reminder of these posts here are the links so you can relive the magic :heart_eyes:


Only 25 votes? Bump this one, some very deserving posts in this bunch. Take a walk down memory lane guys and make a vote.

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Here to present the Best Screenplay award, former winner…

@Sol congrats on the banger post and having the courage to open up to OA :fire::fire: