🏆 OAscars polls are all open time to vote!

Anyone who would like to vote can access these threads here:

Best Picture:

Best Director:

Best Actor:

Best Screenplay:

Dirt Pounder of the Year :gorilla::

Thank you to all the OA members who participated throughout the year to make this place a fun discussion for football and non football related manners. Our community is pretty awesome ngl.

Sorry about the way the polls came out. A little more boring not to be able to see who’s leading the way and have ppl campaigning for victory, but I thought it would be better to make it a surprise. With the way the polls work I can’t see who’s leading either, it’s going to be a surprise to me as well, come Thursday December 30th at 20:00.


Last chance to vote on these. Get on it you tarts!

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