Moment of the Year 2020

What was your Moment of the Year in 2020?

Moment of the Year 2020
  • Arsenal Win the FA Cup
  • COVID-19 Pandemic begins
  • Leper reunites with his Daughter
  • Arsenal Sign Thomas Partey
  • AbouCuellar gets the banhammer
  • Calum buys a gaff
  • Strollers lad shows his class
  • CliftonGeraldi name change

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In case some of them dont trigger a memory:

Leper reunites with Daughter: A good day

AbouCuellar gets the banhammer: AbouCuellar's successful attempt to get banned

Calum buys a gaff: Looking to Move out

Strollers lad shows his class: Something positive

CliftonGeraldi name change: Member name changes


If this thread turns into another debate on this bollox I’m cancelling the awards.

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ill make a separate one? :joy:

I feel like if he had just asked for an apology two or three more times he would have gotten it.

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Grand. I’ll close that one. :grin:

silly cunt


Mine was way back in January and pre pandemic surprised people remembered it was the same year :joy::joy::joy:

I voted for Cuellar’s ban originally because I love him and I miss the little sociopath but then I saw the CliftonGeraldi name change and I had to go for that.

Fantastic piece of OA randomness that just works, if I ever have to go on the run I’m using that as my new identity. Strong, powerful username.


Yes I was delighted that made the list :slight_smile:

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