A good day

Well, tonights result just about caps it off.

As lots of you know, I’ve not been able to see my daughter for a long time, not since the start of lockdown. I know other parents go longer but I’d barely missed a weekend in nearly ten years. My daughter has really complex special needs and it’s hard to explain to her exactly what’s going on and it’s really eaten away at me and my mental health over the last few months. It’s strained my other relationships, I’ve been a pain in the arse to work with and it didn’t feel like it was going to end.

That came to an end today. I was able to see her all day and we had a greaont time. We’re going to continue visits, albeit only fortnightly for now. She thinks washing her hands all the time is hilarious and has become obsessed with Frozen so I look forward to learning that off by heart.

It’s like something massive has come off my shoulders. This crisis affects so many people in so many ways and I know people have had it worse. But christ, I hope I never have to experience anything like it again.


Amazing to hear mate. Glad you finally got to end what’s obviously been a painful bit of distance that was necessary to keep.


Brilliant stuff mate. I’m so happy for you that such a tough time personally has had such a positive outcome. :slight_smile:


That is absolutely wonderful news @Leper, I’m really happy that you were able to top off a super day with a super result.

Hope things can start getting back to normal quickly with your visits with your daughter :blush::blush:


Yes yes @Leper beleeeeee dat !? Why did I think of Ice Cube’s ‘it was a good day’ :rofl::100::heart:


Wonderful to hear that @Leper :slightly_smiling_face: Hoping the weekends with your daughter (even if it’s a fortnight atm), keep on giving you that good energy! At the end of the day there’s nothing more satisfying and rewarding spending time with your children, no matter how stressful and rough your work is.

Really pleased to hear this. How you have coped with this I cant imagine. Really got something to aim for now and positive hope. Cream rises mate. Lovely of you too share this.

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This is good news :slightly_smiling_face:
Glad to hear it mate. I hope you’re daughter is keeping safe and you get back to some normality :pray: