AbouCuellar's successful attempt to get banned

While I’m at it, frankly I’m owed an apology from the mods for their incompetence in the issue of banning me for a week or whatever it is for explaining the use of the word [redacted]

Now you have people like @SRCJJ as result, saying I’ve used a racist slur, which is totally false, and idiotic.

I no more used a racist slur than if I were to explain someone what the word black means in Spanish. It is frankly absurd and ignorant af on your part, especially in that case, when I wasn’t even aware that the equivalent term in spanish was a slur in english, whereas I am with the case of the word (negr.). Regardless, it is absolutely fucking ridiculous to legislate across languages, and to ban me, quite literally, for explaining what a convenience store is called in Barcelona. (In my native Madrid it is quite literally called a ch.no, will you ban me for that, if I take the period out?)

If you banned me for that, and don’t recognise the ignorance and mistake inherent in your decision, I ask that you please ban everyone who has used a racial slur out of context, even in the posting of rap lyrics, as that is no less offensive than the edifying context I was using it in.

If you lot can’t realise you made a massive mistake there, and that you should not give false basis for people like SRCJJ making totally false claims, then ban me, because it’s not worth posting on a forum run by a bunch of clowns who can’t admit when they’ve obviously put their foot in it.


There you go, rooting for ignorance again, despite being the great caller-out of ignorance yourself :joy: :joy: :joy:

Have a think mate, your posts atm are embarrassing.


Got your apology right here chap. :fu:

Use the word again and you can have another time out you silly cunt.

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Ban me, you lot are the silly cunts, what you did with me there is the definition of being absolute silly ignorant wankers, so do it again.

You silly cunt.

Lmao imagine trying to tell me that my posts are embarrassing.

They are, and plenty of other people see it. Plenty of other people see, also, what fucking silly cunts the mods were, what a silly cunt shamrockgooner is for calling another poster a silly cunt when he points out how he acted like a silly, ignorant, incoherent cunt.

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Lmao you’ve totally lost it. What a meltdown.

You’re putting my morning meltdown to shame there.

Lockdown has definitely unhinged you. Seek professional help.

He’s angry that he was banned for use of a racial slur and a couple years later his anger has reared its head again in a topic where he was defending a racist for using a racial slur.

Ignoring the clown above me:

I repeat, ban me or issue me an apology. @JakeyBoy I’ll tag you because you’re a bit less of a cunt usually than Shamrock, SCRJJ, or Leper.

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Don’t challenge him :joy:

No, I’m serious. If they’re anything but silly cunts they can clearly realise they made a mistake. So ban me or issue me an apology for your mistake.

Really hope we don’t lose @AbouCuellar from the forum, would be a significant loss.


We’re not gonna ban you.

Stay or go, I don’t give a shit tbh.

If in Barcelona most of those shops are run by Pakistanis/South Asians, and therefore have that ‘nickname’, it does have a racial undertone…

Indeed, it does, but how does me informing a reality, that is, educating someone on what they’re called, represent a racial slur, especially if I am not even aware that p.a…i is considered a racial slur in english?

It’s absolutely ridiculous, and makes no sense. If that is the case, the word cunt should be banned, because it’s a sexist slur. Or any use of any offensive word here, even in an educating and completely innocent sense, must result in a two week ban.

It’s incoherent, ignorant, and stupid any way you look at it, and thus represents an obvious mistake on the mods part.

So I repeat, unless you lot are a bunch of silly twats, issue an apology, because you made a mistake.

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I swear we went through this shit when Emery got hired and you started warring everybody. Chill out man.

If you used it to describe a shop, were informed that it’s considered a racist slur in Britain and is unacceptable on this forum, and then didn’t use the term again but got a ban, I’ll apologise.

I barely remember this, but didn’t you end up getting really pissed off when called on it, a bit like this, and then double down and use the term again? And then get a ban?