You know what really grinds my gears?

adverts just try way to hard to come up with the next big thing that will just run and run and become popular, and most of the time it’s embarrassing and just laughable

Go to fucking bed earlier. I know I’m typing this at. 1:15am but you have to teach your body how to sleep and the only way to do it is to get into bed at reasonable hours.

Edit: just read your usual hours post. Even if you were sleeping 11/12pm to 7/8am most nights you’d feel fucking incredible and you’d get all that shit you think you need to do at 10pm done before you even start work.

Further edit: I was of course drinking last night. You should do whatever you like doing Luke :grinning:

I can only do 6 hours mostly, there’s a reason why it’s 2am and I’m posting this haha. I’ll go bed at 10, then binge watch something, before you know it it’s 2am :weary:


Sump’n similar here. Always been a night owl. Bed at 12:30, piddle break at 5-ish, then I might or might not go back to sleep. Rarely lie in past 7am anyway. I’m blaming these light mornings at the moment.

Man, I’m jealous. Before the nine to five this used to be me and I loved it.

Seriously though, I worked retail so I remember what it’s like to have irregular working patterns and the sleeping habits of an owl, it’s not that hard to make sure you’re sleeping enough before an early start. If you have an early start on Thursday, just make sure you get yourself up extra early on Wednesday, particularly if you had a late night on Tuesday. A lesser amount of sleep on Tuesday night will make you more tired when it is Wednesday eve and you won’t be up all night before your early start.

You just have to be disciplined the morning before and drag yourself out of bed no matter how tired you are or unnecessary it feels lol.

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When you turn up late to a topic like this:

And you see all the potential likes you’ve lost out on cos the others have already beaten you to the punchline

Fuck you @Castiel
Fuck you @JakeyBoy

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When someone from work gets on the same train and sits near you.

No offence pal but I’ve been at work all day talking to you fuckers, I just want to slip my headphones in, pop on a podcast and shitpost on OA, but now it feels rude.

If I see someone from work on the train I’ll intentionally avoid eye contact and try to sit elsewhere. Not just cos it’s what I want, but also out of courtesy to the other person.


There’s nothing worse than this. I also hate it when people bother me on my lunch break. I just want to be left alone lol


I can barely stand being in the same lift as these people for 3 floors, so the same train… :gabriel:

See while my job has a lot of downsides people are really friendly and sociable we don’t mind spending time with each other on our lunch breaks or on the tube home etc.

Potentially because like 70% of the company are millennials.

I will miss that when I leave


Just tell them one of your Lichsteiner - straight from the packet jokes mate.

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I love talking with my coworkers. Mainly because its 95% MILFS/GILFS.


Yea. Sometimes i spot my da and he doesn’t spot me. Podcast city!

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Fucking amen. I intentionally take my lunch in the 12 til 1 slot cos it’s vastly less busy in the communal eating area than it is in the following hour.

@Cristo it aint that man. I work with loads of friendly and sociable millenials, and friendly and sociable older people too fwiw. I’m happy to socialise with them if it’s after work drinks or a team dinner, that’s something I actually enjoy. But by nature I’m introverted, being an outgoing, sociable and engaged person while doing my job tires me out, I need my lunch hour and commute to myself haha

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That’s funny, my team is old as fuck. And we actually really get along and care about each other. We even vacation together when possible. And it’s all because we’ve been in the trenches together for 5+ years. I’ve never had this before, I’ve always been a “go to work, get a check, go home” kind of guy.


Similar situation today. I always take the bike, and a colleague left just before I did, on bike too. I was just behind him. I knew if he’d see me he would slow down and chat. Fuck cycling together, just wanna listen to music and not talk to a colleague I’ve seen all fucking day.


Good for you man, that sounds awesome.

Really does sound awesome.

Having a great bunch of people to work along really makes life a lot more enjoyable I find.

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My cats waking me up at 430am every morning, my alarm goes off at 530am for work anyways, can you at least give me that hour you selfish fuckers.


just sell your cats