Recovering Internet History

I’m just wondering if anyone on here knows a way how to recover your internet history, specifically on firefox?

I currently have it in the settings that my history just gets wiped all the time automatically, but I need to view a few pages from the other day, anyone know a way? :slight_smile:

Forgot the pornstars name?


haha not quite

Yeah, you definitely watched a particularly good porno and desperately want to find it again.

Its ok, I’ve got one I’ve been seeking for about eight years.


If that was my reason I would have come straight out and said it :slight_smile:

Reverse Google images and Namethatpornstar are great starting points.

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I kind of expected these kind of replies tbh

I find a handy way of remembering something is to just remember it and then I dont have to worry that I wont remember the thing that I want to remember. Hope that advice is useful for future reference. Its obviously no good to you now that you cant remember this thing youd like to remember.

probably more helpful then the other replies


Maybe your antivirus keeps a log

I don’t use Firefox unfortunately, on Chrome Google has a my activity page which logs everything, I don’t know if Firefox has something similar?

Why do you autoclear your history rather than just using incognito ocassionally, surely you don’t ONLY use your PC for porn? :joy:
And I know AFC’s been going downhill, but it’s not that embarrassing that you’ve been visiting OA :rofl:

What else could you expect from starting this thread?? :joy:

“History gets automatically wiped”

Unless you work for Homeland security, mere mortals have that activated for one reason only…

Did you try switching it on and off?

still haven’t been able to recover anything, even googled and youtubed

If that doesn’t work, you can always try switching it off and on. :wink:


Unless you turned it off, your wireless router keeps a log of all the websites you visit. If you knew the date and time you last visited you could probably deduct.