You know what really grinds my gears?

Surprised this thread hasn’t been remade since the site was relaunched. Use this thread to vent things that really wind you up. It’ll get plenty of use I suspect.

First up. Forget the problems across the pond, look at what they’ve done to Toberlone :sanchez2:

Produce less pieces and charge more, bloody terrific :bellerin:

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What grinds my gears is Sanchez running his body into the ground and Wenger letting him.

That and the Toblerone thing. Although it has gotten me to buy Toblerone for the first time in a decade. No such thing as bad publicity.


Time for a rethink on Dad’s present :smile_cat:

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When I was a student back in the day, every now and then I would treat myself to a proper sized Toberlone (not all in one go, obviously!). God that stuff was so fucking good.

How long it takes to cook this.

International breaks. Should we start a dead pool?


I honestly hate them also. Like play a quick mini league half way through the season rather than constantly disrupting clubs. So boring there’s barely any decent matches.


I was taught at school that you should put a capital letter after a comma. Name or not, Capitalise it.

My teacher lied to me and now I can’t stop it. :frowning:

The person in front at the cash machine. What takes that fucking long.


Are you sure that your teacher lied? It could be that you were a very dumb kid.




I recall @Leper saying one about Football clichés on the old thread. One that seems to be propping up a lot lately is, ‘It’s a must win game’.

Like our last 5/10 games, pretty much all our pre match game talk seem to begin with the words, “It’s a must win game”. where ever you go. It’s losing all meaning after a while quite frankly :wenger2:


Every games a cup game now, @Mysty :wink:

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I said this ages ago too. Every game is seen as the type of game “we have to win if we want to be in the title race” that it’s gotten to the point where it’s abundantly obvious that all 38 games are important irrespective of opposition.


That right there pisses me off regardless, it doesnt matter if we are 15 points behind the top or 15 points ahead all games you should be looking at as ‘must win’ that is the whole fucking point. When you hear managers etc saying this it is almost as if they are thinking ‘ah we can relax if we win we win if not oh well’ until your in desperation mode then its ‘must win’ FUCK RIGHT OFF just go in with the mindset you MUST win every fucking game maybe then we will get somewhere!

Rubbish. When we go to Old Trafford or White Hart Lane, you know it’s likely we’ll drop points there. Hence not losing and taking a point could be seen as satisfactory. Rather than Bournemouth-away.


My shitbag of a radiator which decided to spring a leak while we were away on holiday over Christmas. Gears well and truly ground.

I’ve got to deal with fucking insurance wankers now as well. Actually they can go straight on the cunt list.

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There’s a rat in my loft. I spent 70 quid on traps and the cunt won’t die.


At least it’s not in the kitchen. I wouldn’t know what ya gonna do if it was.

But as it’s in the loft, may I suggest poison, an airgun or a cat/ terrier.

Peanut butter mixed with poison, does the trick every time…only problem is they go away somewhere to die usually and then you have a decaying stench if you cannot find the fucker after it pops it clogs.