What's the last video game you played?

It’s always the fucking travel that does me in, not a fan of horses in real life let alone having to sit on one travelling across the plains.

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I am about to install Infamous Second Son again, love these games

That was one of the first games I got on the ps4 and honestly one of the best looking open world games I’d seen in some time. Traversing the map was actually fun.

It’s weird in RDR I just didn’t dig the map, it felt empty in terms of interactivity. In the Witcher I loved travelling because of the exploration and RPG aspects but in games like RDR, GTA I just get bored. I’ll be honest I just think Rockstar games are missing something these days, they were more enjoyable when I was younger.

I know when Cyberpunk comes out that city is going to be amazing to explore.

Battlefield V

It’s a crying shame how bad their PR was because it took away from the fact that it’s an incredible multiplayer game. I thought Battlefield 1 was great but they took it to the next level with 5.

Seriously having women depicted on the frontlines takes away fuck all. I haven’t seen those fictional elements in the trailer once in the actual game so I don’t get why they included that shit. This noise was the only reason I never played sooner and I’m kicking myself for missing out on doing so when it released.

Amazing maps, graphics, gameplay, visuals, classes, destructible environments, audio, immersion and everything else. It’s different to COD Modern Warfare (which is also great to play), just way more real.

Anyone who stayed clear of it just because of the trailers, you should definitely give this a go as it’s on digital sales quite often now.

I adored BF1, put over 200 hrs on it. I couldn’t get into V for some reason and I haven’t touched it for nearly a year. Has it improved?

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It’s different if the actual game wasn’t to your fancy. If it’s been a year it’s worth having another crack at it now, you might have a really good time on it.

I don’t know what the state of the game was back when it came out but I’ve jumped on regularly for a few weeks and it certainly feels like a step up from 1 for me.

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Cities Skylines taking me back to the old Sim city days many years back.


Might be of interest if you haven’t picked it up

Edit - Steam keys, not console friendly

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I’ve finally got Horizon Zero Dawn… Its sooo good, why have I not played this sooner


Saw Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes on sale for three quid last weekend on the Xbox store so grabbed that quickly. Yet to play it, but figured that at that price I might as well finally get round to trying out modern Metal Gear and see if I’m feeling it.

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Verdict: :face_vomiting:

Oooooh, really? In what regards? I’ve heard mostly good stuff, but I didn’t look too closely before buying it on a whim.

No idea what a modern MGS game is like really, but the stealth genre, or games with some solid stealth mechanics, is my shit.

@Electrifying you’re up pal


In the conversation for one of the best PS4 games of the generation for sure.

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Ground zeros is actually pretty good for what it was, a tantalising sneak peak and demo for the real game.

It had that great gameplay and mechanics before they got even better in the real thing, and a decent start to the story of MGSV.

However again, this game helped only increase the hype for the real thing, which disappointed massively because of a truly terrible unfinished story that makes the GoT ending look amazingly well thought-out.

Here is my post with more details, with no spoilers apart from the fact that the ending was awful.


Disappointing what you say about mission design, but I don’t really care about the story, I’m not invested in that at all. So taking into account your incredibly high praise for the gameplay and stealth mechanics, I’d say I’m looking forward to it. I’m also coming at it from the angle of being years late to the party, I have no expectations of this game at all really, so I’m not going to feel as let down as you did. Reckon this will be three quid well spent.

Cheers :+1:

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Ground Zeros should have been free the way PT was.

Won Euro 2020 with England on pes but got no achievement for it :pensive:. Shame Konami didn’t update trophys for the Euro 2020 dlc.

Also been playing maneater fun game tho controls take some getting us too.

Going for a platinum trophy that I should have got a year ago, a game called ether one that I completed but the game bugged on me right at the end so it didn’t let me get the last trophy, the game is apparently full of bugs and some people just get lucky and don’t encounter any, whereas other do, I’ve put off replaying it again till now

What u game you trying to platinum?