What's the last video game you played?


Like the similar named threads to this, use this thread and share what games you’ve recently or currently been playing. Whether it’s the latest craze, something old school, on a console, or a simple mobile game share away :video_game:


Football Manager 2017
Battlefield One


Ark, fucking thing has consumed my life, not to mention is the only thing more devastating than Arsenal.


Forza Horizon 3, but that was a while ago. Don’t think I’ve played any video game in 2017.


Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

and a couple smaller ones that I’ve finished over the past couple of months.


Finally got around to Witcher 3 + addon. Absolutely brilliant, top 3 ever for me.


It was the the unicorn sex, wasn’t it?




I’ve only two videogames to play: Football Manager and sometimes Fifa. I started to hate the first and to be annoyed about the second.

The best video games I ever played is and will remain L.A. Noire.




fifa 17

the witcher 3 - baffles me tho with crafting and oils


Pro evo, Does my nut in at times but much less than Fifa that I’ve played the previous few years


Wgt golf…


Yakuza 0 on PS4.

Japanese but subtitled. Genuinely one of the best story games Ive played. Cant wait to play the follow up remakes when they come out.


Neverwinter is all I really play consistently anymore. Sometimes I’ll play a few minutes of Overwatch or Destiny.


My 11 year old plays this game. Fuck this game. I detest this game. It’s like video game Survivor with dinosaurs and giant dodos. It really brings out the worst in you.


Been reliving a game from my childhood, Sonic the Hedgehog 2! Been a very long time since I played it but loving it. Pretty much done the game, last boss or two bit of a pain in the bum. Trying to collect all 7 of the chaos emeralds are a fucking nightmare as well though :gabriel:

Ah good times :slight_smile: I personally get more enjoyment out of a lot of the old school gaming compared to a lot of what’s on offer right now.


The newest Hitman, honestly is a gem of a game. Silly and serious at the same time.


Just looking at new releases to see if there’s anything that interests me and For Honor caught my attention, looks very good. Has anyone played it?


Played the beta for a few days, I was class at it so I enjoyed it. Definitely takes a bit of skill and isn’t just a brainless hack and slash. Though saying that if your reflexes are good you can get ahead of people quite quickly. The fast characters were a must in the beta but perhaps have been nerfed by now.