What's the last video game you played?


Anyone getting the new Mass Effect?


Me, quite hyped actually even when common sense indicate the opposite when it’s an EA game.


I never got round to completing the third installment. But I’m all over this one.


The third one dragged on hard and I found myself having to take a break from it before I completed it but without a doubt Mass Effect is one of the finest trilogies in gaming. I’ll be all over this one but I feel they need to up the concept a little. An MMO would be majestic.


Goddamn it, hype level increasing.


Is this similar to Fallout (RPG)?


It is an RPG but it’s pretty far from a Bethesda style game, Mass Effect is much more refined in nearly every sense.


As Castiel said it’s a RPG but it’s a more refined 3rd person shooter with a bigger focus on story, characters and dialogue.
Lot more linear than Bethesda’s unending exploration and procrastination.


Was going to buy Ghost Recon Wildlands but I’ll skip that and wait for this to come out then.

If it wasn’t for The Division being such a disappointment, I’d probably get both.


Been playing Zero Dark Horizon on PS4.

I’m a huge fan of open-world RPGs, and this one is definitely one of the highest of the extremely lengthy list of games I’ve played in that category.


Anyone been playing Fallout 4? Thoughts/advice on creating super efficient settlements?


I played the closed and open beta of GR and was hugely dissapointed. Didnt get that buzz The Division once gave before it got silly (OP players killing you in one hit online). GR just felt very primitive in terms of mechanics. Environment was brill thoughm


Just completed Dishonored 2 today, which I really enjoyed but wasn’t as good as the first one.

Looking for a new game to get now. I LOVE the Mass Effect series but finishing a game takes me ages these days, so I’ll wait until it drops in price. Same goes for Zero Dark Horizon, looks incredible and the like, but I know a price drop will be coming by the time I finish whatever game I start next.

Has anyone got any good suggestions?

Good deals on games like Nioh, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, The Last Guardian etc. but don’t want to pick up a dud.


Andromeda is the first Mass Effect I’ve ever played and I was quite disappointed tbh, with all the hype behind it I expected a lot more.

“Go to X location, kill scavengers and interact with terminal” It’s pretty much rinse & repeat that.

This is why I don’t buy or play games anymore, a lot of games feel unfinished/uninteresting and a lot more dependent on their DLC.


That’s why I always wait to buy a game.

I haven’t bought a game on release in years. I’m so busy that I can only play a few hours a week so it takes me months to complete a game anyway, so I always buy them several months after release which usually means price has gone down and any patches/updates are out and sorted.

I got Witcher 3 + all the DLC for like half price just because I got it about 7 months after release. Took me 6 months to complete the damn game, but fuck me if I didn’t love it. Absolutely incredible game.


Star Wars Battelfront 1 was exactly that. An incomplete game that players were made to buy the dlc to get the finished article. EA are the developers, what a surprise. Fuck EA worst game developer in the business. Another reason why I’ll be going with PES next year. I’m done with anything EA has it’s greedy little hands on.


I’d agree regarding EA, but have to admit Battlefield 1 is just :giroud2:


Battlefront 1 though the star wars game was like 25% done.


Been playing Neverwinter on XBone for about 2 years now. I occasionally jump on Overwatch.


TL;DR - I like Assassin’s Creed.

Been playing Assassin’s Creed Syndicate most recently. Getting a massive kick out of exploring Victorian London, seeing the various real world sites in the game, but this time being able to fully appreciate how much of the map is accurate, as its my home town. Climbing up Lambeth Palace and being like, “I’ve been to a party here irl!”, is just too much fun. The attention to detail is fucking ludicrous too, like Westminster Bridge having the exact same kind of patterned railings that it does in real life.

I’m also enjoying doing missions for Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Dickens and Darwin and Karl Marx (so far), I’ve always enjoyed the historical figures woven into the story lines of this series. Assassin’s Creed II will always be the :goat: in that regard with da Vinci and Machiavelli featuring heavily.

Still think the series peaked with Black Flag, being a fucking pirate with a ship in the Caribbean was the fucking one. They fucked up so hard removing the sailing mechanic from future games. I get that it doesn’t work in some eras, but Syndicate… This is the Victorian era, the age of the British Empire and the East India Company, it would have been so easy to incorporate fucking boats!