What's the last video game you played?


Sounds like me playing The Getaway, driving around park lane :giroud2:


Fuck. Just remembered this

I never done the missions just played it when I fancied a drive around a licensed London with real cars etc :ok_hand:


Just started Black Desert. It’s pretty fun… it’s a grind, but it’s an MMO that’s kind of the point.

It was just released for console, but it’s been out on PC for a couple of years now. You can tell the game was designed for keyboard and mouse. It’s a bit clunky with the default button mapping, but if you play with it a bit you can find something that works for you. It also follows the model of several other PC to console MMOs where the PC gets updates and enhancements months in advance of console… So while PC has like 9 or 10 classes, console only has 6 (IIRC). We will eventually get all that content according to the grapevine.

I’m really enjoying the combat mechanics, you have to be strategic as well as tactical and learn your class mechanics. I’m still figuring it out. It’s a lot of combos and dashing from group to group. Most of the quests so far have been of the generic “go here, fetch that, kill this” variety of RPG/MMO fantasy games. But I’ve only been playing for a couple of days, so you may get more in depth tasks later on. No idea.

The story line is a bit flimsy IMO, other people many find it’s too much reading. I’ve been playing Neverwinter Online for the last 3 years, which is based on D&D so it has a very rich lore with 40 years of content to draw from and tap into. Some people who just want to blow monsters up with fireballs may find it’s a bit tedious… it’s all relative. Having said that, you can skip through the details and just follow the quest trackers… you can even set it to auto run from checkpoint to checkpoint, though you do get hung up on objects from time to time. If you like fantasy MMOs check it out!


Been playing The Division 2 since release (15th). Loving it so far, much better than Div 1. So much more to do. Playing with a mate, which is highly recommended. Going solo is extreme in this game.


Recently my little boy stumbled across a Mario kart video on YouTube, and I remembered I had my old Wii just sitting in the garage. He’s been addicted to it ever since lol. Wii was a great system tho. Mario Kart, Wii sports resort, Mario Party 8. We’ve been playing em all and having a great time. Anyone have the switch?


Ah man, I played Mario Kart Wii so much back in the day. Wii in general was a great little console. Shame the original servers have long gone. Would’ve been fun to have had some form of online OA tournament, show you yanks how to really drive :poldi:


Oh they are off?? I was wondering about that cuz I accidentally was trying to connect and it wasn’t letting me :confused: same here me and my nephew would play mario kart online way too much. Fuck Rainbow Road btw :joy::joy: Wii is still amazing for 4 players, Mario Party 8 is one of my favorites .


Yeah the Nintendo WFC shut down several years ago for the Wii unfortunately, so you can only race with whoever in the same room as you. However, I do know some indy company created it’s own dedicated server and brought the online aspect to Mario Kart back to life, but there’s a waiting period before it can be used and it can be finicky.

Rainbow Road was probably my best track funnily enough, pro track :sunglasses:

I’ve played a bit Mario Party 8 as well, pretty solid game too.


Rainbow Road is the stuff of nightmares lol Mysty I must not be on ur level for Mario Kart 🖒🖒 :joy: :joy: I think I’m more of a Bowsers Castle guy myself.


Are you talking Mario Kart or just in general? :wenger:

It’s funny you mention Mario kart though because I did boot it up recently having not played it in years. Let’s make this fun, I’ll set you a small challenge. See if you can beat (or get near) my time trial mode effort at Rainbow Road :smiley: According to the stats, my best 3 lap run in TT mode is 02:44:125 .

If that proves too difficult then go ahead and put up another track instead :laughing:


Lol ok I’ll give it a shot. Rainbow Road sucks but we’ll see :joy::joy: