What's the last video game you played?

how is it compared to older Anno titles didn’t like the more recent ones?

Didnt play the sci-fi ones. Not my era. Back to it’s best now IMO.

Just a shame the campaign story mode is fairly short.

yeah I didn’t enjoy the sci fi ones either. How long is the campaign?

Just got PS4 VR. Anyone know any good games for it?



Striking Vipers


Even better

Resident evil 7
Firewall zero hour

Didn’t u get any games with it or a demo disc?

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Yeah VR worlds and borrowed gran turismo sport

Been playing a bit of The Golf Club 2019 as it was one of the XB1 Gold free games this month. The putting is a bit wonky but otherwise fun if you like golf games.

Space invaders !

Completed Far Cry New Dawn.

Next up is Assassins Creed Odyssey

I’m just playing Far Cry 5, though not as much as I’d like due to moving house. How does New Dawn compare to it?

Also, another AC fan, nice! Syndicate was one of the the more recent games I’ve completed, found it was well worth the wait after years of wanting one set in London.

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New Dawn is basically Far Cry 5 - part 2. Without ruining it, its pretty much set in the same location but 17 years later (with significant alterations). Ubisoft also changed the structure of the game to give it a more challenging RPG element. Its different from the rest of the previous Far Cry’s.

Oh yes - massive AC fan. Have literally clocked every single one. Loved Origins and cant wait to dig into this latest one!


Excellent, definitely sounds like one I’ll be buying in coming months. Did you play Far Cry Primal? I gave it a skip because a first person shooter set in the prehistoric age with no guns sounds like the stupidest idea ever lol.

Yep, I’ve completed every AC game up to Syndicate, aside from AC1 and Unity (that’s the one set in revolutionary France I think). What’s your favourite in the series? Got to be Black Flag for me, still occasionally find myself gumming some of the sea shanties your crew sing haha. The one after that that was still very ship/sailing orientated was really sick, though I preferred the tropical setting to the more wintery, North American vibe.

Primal was the only FC i didn’t end up completing because it was just shit lol. The rest of the series is ace though. Vas from FC3 is one of the best villians ever.

Fave AC is probably Origins tbh. Although I loved each and every one except Syndicate and Unity… thought they were a bit meh. Black Flag was awesome though. I remember starting that 2014 and going back to my save in 2017 and finishing it haha.


Resident Evil 7 in VR.


because you’re a BBDG, which stands for a Big Brave Dutch Guy

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That does match with my badge:


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