What's the last video game you played?

ether one

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@Lister86 it’s frustrating having to play through a game again knowing it could bug out again at any time, it could all up being a waste of time (again)

my trophy list is looking pretty decent

Bloody hell mate some off them must have took u ages to get some off them. I buggered up on the spiderman plat an I carnt be arsed restarting it to get it.

Well at least if it doesn’t bug out at least it will be ur greatest platinum

Nino Kuni 2 was over 100 hours, but every single hour of that game was amazing. I got it because of one of the guys from playstation access on youtube

most of the games with low percentage of trophies on that list are just games I didn’t enjoy but still got some trophies for

I don’t know how u found the will to plat some off the games on that list some off them games are abit off a slog.

I played abit of nino kuni 1 on Ps3 I enjoyed what I played off it but I heard the 2nd one wasn’t has good so put me picking it up.

haha Lego Worlds is the biggest slog of al time, getting so many studs (can’t remember how many it was now) but loads

playing on a dodgeball game called stikbold, the guy jerome sounds like jabba the hut talking to han solo

just got the platinum on duke nukem on the ps4, what a brilliant game that was, so fun and my first ever time playing on a duke nukem game as well

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Doing some mental 24/7 Shipment on COD


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I don’t know why but the cod bo menu music popped into my head today

hello neighbour has just been added to playstation now, downloading it because I’ve always wanted to give it a go

Playing Fran Bow, a dark sad surreal point click adventure puzzler. The thing I love about games like this is you really engage with the character and story more so than any other game.

Broken Sword was my shit back in the day.

George and Nico :raised_hands:

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Still smashing pro clubs and Modern Warfare.

But I’ve just starting playing Hearthstone again, had to make a new account annoyingly. Such a good game does anyone else play it?

I think George and Nico are my all time favourite game characters and I played all 5 games. If you liked them I’d recomend Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller and Gabriel Knight Remastered are worth checking out. As is Fran Bow, which is very surreal but very likeable at the same time

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