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Binged the new Jack Ryan series on Amazon Prime. I’m a big fan of Tom Clancy and the Jack Ryan literary series and generally as a concept but I wasn’t hugely impressed with the TV adaptation tbh.

I will admit it is difficult to adapt fiction set during the late cold war into the modern age but they have alot of source material to capture the essence of what the Jack Ryan series is all about.

Plot was overall weak/basic, it had some interesting moments and twists but it wasn’t enough to negate the glaring plot holes or the well worn generic Middle Eastern terror plots that been done extensively on TV recently. The Series felt whimsical at times which is not what I expect from any material with Tom Clancy’s name attached.

The production values felt cheap at times, combat scenes were ordinary. Cast was full of D listers and well worn typecast TV stars who couldn’t sell themselves as CIA.

There was nothing unique or interesting about the any of the characters, the development was basic and felt forced tbh. James Greer in particular was poorly adapted.

Do I see Jack Ryan in John Krasinski? Unfortunately not, he came off too ‘boyscoutish’ whereas the literary Jack Ryan understood the cold hard realities of intelligence. The character should generally be mature older male set in a serious world but that isn’t commercially viable

Ultimately it is watchable but it’s not distinctive nor will it hold your attention. It was a disappointment to me as a fan.


The Cold War period is fucking fascinating, there’s no need to update it to the modern age. It’s a shame that keeping it in that era was not considered to be commercially viable.

I don’t know the character or books you’re discussing, so I’m speaking generally, but some stories belong in their original setting. Imagine trying to bring make a film about Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy but deciding not to set it in the Cold War period.


Pretty much agree.

Production of the recent past is particularly expensive too. Location scouting is harder, more sets have to be created, authentic wardrobe sourced, research and lot more CGI etc

I’d recommend ‘The Americans’ if you haven’t seen (which I doubt). Pretty much perfection of the Cold war TV series



Watch it.

Will blow your socks off. Jupiter is not a Gas Giant!!!


25 Year anniversary…


Great White serial killer here . All about the Great White Shark . An incredible creature


Just finished Ozark season 2. Wow!

Not as good as the first season (a bit of a lull in the latter part of this series, I found) but still very, very good


Finished Ozark season 1.
I fucking knew religion would come into it at some point.


The open to this week’s Better Call Saul was superb.

not really a spoiler, just a theory

. I have thought ever since they got together that there’s only one ending for Kim and I think it’s drawing closer. Her death is what sends Jimmy fully into Saul mode I reckon.


I’ve been thinking that too but at the same time it might be a bit on the nose for the show and it already seems a little like they are trying to portray the couple drifting apart, but yeh that was my first thought though I’ve been moving away from it as this season has went on. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kim in one of the flashforwards down the line either.

Whatever they do, one thing for sure is Jimmy is punching above his weight.


Haha yeah I know what you mean, this is a subtle diversion rather than a subtle hint kind of a show. :slight_smile:


Car masters: rust to riches on Netflix. Love my cars and this is quite decent, also Constance Nunes :heart_eyes:


Finished the second series of Ozark. Very good! Anyone got any theories for the show yet?


Not a big fan of Strictly Come Dancing but Backstreet Boys were absolutely quality. Though when you stop and think about it there is something slightly odd about a bloke asking “am I sexual?” and his four pals all going “yeaahhhh!”


Peaky Fuckin Blinders, great series.


What are people’s thoughts on the latest Better Call Saul season? Think it was the best season so far and I’m really enjoying the show. Can’t wait for season 5.


Loved it. You can see Jimmy has changed. He doesn’t care about Chuck and the way he snaps at Kim on the roof, he just wouldn’t have done that in seasons 1-3. It’s so cleverly written too because we all rememebr Saul from BB so we’re not even suprised by those things yet if we only knew Jimmy they would actually be pretty shocking.

Interesting to see Mike cross the line he crossed too. The German tunnellers story was a bit convuluted overall mind.


I felt a bit sorry for Werner. I thought Mike might show his human side and let him go somehow. However, it’s now reminiscent of why we disliked him in BB- he’s way too loyal to Gus.

Better Call Saul was better with Chuck. Fantastic character and after his flashback cameo in the last episode of this season, it shows that he’s badly missed.

Having said all that, and revealing all my disappointments of this particular series, it still remains one of the best written shows (from storytelling to dialogue) that I’ve seen. I’ve said it before in this thread but if it wasn’t for BB and the inevitable comparisons we draw, we’d all be crowing about Better Call Saul


Chuck is a cunt, hate that self-righteous prick.


Spoilers guys :frowning: