What are you watching?


I get what you mean about Better Call Saul. It’s great to binge. Episodes here and there are difficult.

Maybe it’s just my attention span? It’s got some seriously good acting in it, though. I loved Chucks character.

One way the show can expand and diversify is now to do some more storytelling beyond Breaking Bad. We already know the fate of some of the main protagonists of Better Call Saul. Ww need something new (more reference to Saul in that coffee shop he’s working in, etc)


I dunno, I feel like the scenes with Gene are there to show us how mundane his life has become after Saul. I just can’t imagine there’s an engaging storyline to be had there.


It would be great to see how he rebuilds


Nah, it wouldn’t. Its best that his character arc ends with him living the mundane life of a schmuck under a fake identity after the events of Breaking Bad. To try and get more mileage out of the character after that would be pushing it.
IMO of course.


Is getting more mileage now isn’t doing that?


Yeah but Better Call Saul is very good, I’m saying I don’t think a show about Gene would be.

Plus the main point is that Jimmy/Saul’s character ends with his life being totally ruined because of his association with the totally destructive Walter White. In terms of the overall story of his character, it makes no sense to create a show about his life getting better again after he becomes Gene and leads a sad existence. That would be really milking it and simply a totally contrived cash grab.

But it did make sense to create a programme to show how Jimmy became not just a criminal lawyer, but a criminal lawyer. People wanted to see how that happened. Nobody wants to see a contrived sequel.


Season 2 of Ozark was sick, really good.

I binged it all in like 3 days and it was worth it.


Just finished season one. Fucking great show.

Laura Linney is a terrific actress


On episode 3 of season 2 now.

It’s as if Netflix knew it’d be an international break this weekend, ha


Unless we give Jimmy more screen time?

I’m almost getting bored of the whole Mike, Gus, Nacho, Hector thing. We know what happens to em. It’s why I enjoyed the Chuck-HHM and Kim Wexler-Mesa Verde thing. It’s new stuff, we don’t know what’s gonna happen with these storylines.


I’m enjoying the Mike, Gus, Nacho and Hector thing as much as anything on the show. Think it’s the thing I want to see most after Jimmy finally becoming a criminal lol.


Evil Genius on Netflix. I don’t remember this ever happening when I was younger but it’s a 4-part documentary on the ‘pizza bomber’ bank heist and the weird events tied to it. Lots of live footage of the events as they played out back in 2003 and police interviews, makes it very inclusive while watching!


Somehow they managed to make a second season better than the first. They tied up some of the loose ends, set the stage for a potential season three. Outstanding work.


I enjoyed this,

Was quite surprised they shocked the thing around his neck actually go off, was not expecting it.


Binged all 3 seasons of Billions several days ago. Loved it.

Now watching Peaky Blinders, finished season 1 and downloaded the other 3.


Better call Saul is shaping up quite nicely.
This will last another 3 seasons I believe


Just finished Power.

Oh. My. God


@SRCJJ just finished Ozark series 2 in the last couple days. Probs a bit too pissed right now to give a great review, but it’s very very good. Don’t remember series 1 well enough to say which is better, but it isn’t a letdown and lives up to the first, regardless of which is ultimately better.


I love Better Call Saul but fuck me they need to start speeding it up and make more shit happen already for fucks sake.


@Shill mentioned it above and I wanted to reiterate how good the Bodyguard is. Looking forward to Sunday nights because of it. Up there with Luther as one of the best British shows in years.