What are you watching?


I feel really frustrated in it this season and feel like I’m losing a bit of interest. It feels like a lot has happened without a lot actually happening.


Yeah I’ve got two episodes to go, sort it out people


It’s been available for a week gents. It’s yous who need to sort it out. :sunglasses:


Nah, that’s not how spoilers operate on here and you know it haha. If a film has been out for a week we don’t say fuck it, don’t worry about spoilers lads, your fault for not having watched it instantly :smile:

If this was the Better Call Saul thread then fair enough, we should know better than to enter it. We didn’t exactly have fair warning


I bloody love Brooklyn Nine Nine. It’s one of the few edge-free, kinda cheesy, generally wholesome comedies I really like.

This had me dying :rofl:


It’s all right. You never read my posts anyway, spoilers or no spoilers :smirk:


I watched that celebrity hunted thing tonight. Is it in any way real or just 100% fabricated bollocks?



Perfect video when drunkenly almost home at stupid o’clock on a Tuesday after a team outing


Didn’t realise last weeks Better Call Saul was the last in the season.what a trash season finale. Overall I think it’s been quite an average season.


First half was excellent then it went down hill fast. They really struggle to move past Chuck. The underground lab construction started off fantastic but then descended into nonsense as well.

I do enjoy this show but it’s not quite the powerhouse that BB was.


Celebs go dating is hilarious, Rob Beckett absolutely rinses the celebs. So many savage comments. The pooshit comment absolutely floored me :rofl:


He’s the best thing about it haha. I watch it just for his naration :joy::joy:


Think this season has been excellent. Probably my favourite season so far actually.


Pretty much this.

It’s methodical and slow paced but it’s brilliant, well crafted TV. One of the best seasons for me


Finished The Haunting of Hill House yesterday on Netflix and it is an excellent series.

If you like horror/mystery you’ll be in for a treat, the acting, story and pacing are all top notch plus there’s a twist or two along the way.

Easily gets a 9.5/10.


If the Fab 5 on queer eye could stop me being a crying wet mess every hour, that would be great.


Not quite at the crying point but what a great TV show that is!


Geeked for season 3 of Daredevil.


Saw the trailer and thought about how worn out the mistaken fake hero doing bad deeds whilst actuall villain fools city storyline is.


Private Life

Watched this for Paul Giamatti, great actor. The film itself, not so much. Average. With a disappointing ending, for me.