What are you watching?


Ozark is another amazingly crafted TV series. If you’ve not watched season two in the highest definition possible you’ve missed out big time.

The plot is strong enough to hold its own but the real strength of the series is the acting, direction and how well the tone is established in every scene. The colour palette is incredible.


Still haven’t gotten around to watching Season 2, but it’s definitely the plan over the next week or so.

I want to watch that show too @Darkseid and now based off your recommendation I definitely will.


I liked season 1. Is it as good?


Honestly, S1 is better because of the originality and freshness of the series as a whole. The value of the plot has faded slightly imo, the premise/concept isn’t original and it’s more noticeable in S2 but there’s still excellent turns, twists and suspense etc that retains a good impact on the viewer because of the quality writing, acting and direction.

S2 two is more or less a good continuation and slight expansion of the plot. It is as good as S1 but the some of the novelty has worn off. I think they should call it quits after S3 tbh


character development is better in season 2 though.


This is why I feel like it’s such a great show. I feel the same way about Chuck, but at the same time, he saw what Jimmy did to their dad and his business. I can see why someone would find it hard to ever forgive that or believe that that person would truly change.

If I had a sibling like Jimmy I don’t necessarily think I’d ever believe in them or trust them. No wonder he doesn’t want him polluting something he has worked so hard to build and blocks Jimmy’s progress in the firm.

But at the same time, maybe if he had been more willing to give him a chance Jimmy might have ended up staying Jimmy, rather than becoming Saul. Or maybe it’s too charitable to Jimmy to say that Chuck is somehow culpable for his descent, as if Jimmy hasn’t always been a bit of fraud committing conman.

This kind of complexity makes the show great, things aren’t just black and white.


I am unable to understand Kim though. Sometimes it seems like she digs Jimmy for his scheming side and then she looks freaked when Jimmy states that he was not sincere with his statement in that final episode.


I think there’s a difference between the antics of ‘slippin’ Jimmy’ and watching someone maintain total indifference to the death of their own brother throughout the season and then using his death to further his own gain and essentially defraud the profession you’ve dedicated your life to.

What Jimmy did in the appeal hearing went way beyond scheming. Combine that with Jimmy outlining his intentions for the future of his own legal practice and who else wouldn’t be seriously disturbed. I feel that was a critical point in the entire spin off

Like Jakey said, it complex. Many way it can be interpreted


How is that different from her helping Jimmy forge Chuck’s letter?


It’ll be very interesting to know of Kim Wexlers fate going into the, chronologically speaking, ‘Breaking Bad’ phase. Will she still exist? I can’t see her just leaving Jimmy. She’s too big a character for that.

Nacho I’m guessing is toast in the next season, probably at the hands of that evil moustache fella who, in turn, will probably get whacked by Gus and/or Mike. If you think about it, the whole Werner and the tunnel storyline was just an unwelcome, filler distraction. Made for an unedifying conclusion at the end of the last series


Well I think the whole Chuck - Jimmy conflict is generally a different matter entirely but Kim is vested in it.

I always found it telling we were rarely given any insight into Kim personal life or her own family. She was written to be a factor in the McGill conflict. As we know she has a penchant to favour weak rather than the strong by ANY means and in the McGill brother conflict chuck was the stronger brother under the boot of his brother. She felt compelled to help Jimmy because of this.


Considering Jimmy went to her each time he was stuck, I doubt she exist during breaking bad phase as he has not tried to contact Kim during the time.


I think we’ll see Kim again after the BB phase. Either that or she dead.



I watched The Haunting of Hill House.

Amazing show. Absolutely binged it. I never download on my phone but I binged Netflix to and from work on the train, on my lunch break and immediately after work to clear the whole series in two days.


I’ve seen episode 1. Does it get better? It didn’t “hook” me in, so to speak


It’s superb. One of the better shows I’ve seen in recent years. It really hooks you in


Glad you liked it breh :ok_hand:

@DavidHillier Keep watching, trust me.


No mention of making a murder yet :eyes:

Five episodes in and this shit still blows my fucking mind how absurd the process of the American justice system is. Absolute fucking lunacy!


Just finished watching it. Fucked right up. Have also just finished listening to a podcast on the West Memphis Three which is probably an even worse case of the American justice system in action.


That’s the scary thing, this isn’t an isolated case. Can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to have such a sentence and go through so many processes knowing you’re innocent only to keep getting denied by the very people who’re there to protect you.

Have you got a link to this podcast or the name of it?