What are you watching?


Its called Last Podcast on the Left. Would highly recommend it in general but in particular the series they did on L Ron Hubbard a couple of years back.


Anyone seen BlacKkKlansman ?
Is it worth 2 hours of my valuable time ? :unai:


@PPB I’m finally back on the wire hype, season 3 finally lives up to the hype fully. Best season of TV I’ve ever watched.

Major Colvin is my favourite character from all the shows I’ve ever watched so far.


Yay, finally. Took you long enough. It’s definitely some of the best television ever made and you still got some really great episodes to come.


I really like these kind of shows. I’ve seen O.J., the Keepers (really fucked up), Wormwood (excellent!), Wild Wild country (really bizarre situation, I knew about Osho but I had no idea that thing happened), Evil Genius (again, when did this happened?!!, what a bunch of lunatics! was great too), but somehow I couldn’t with Making a murderer.

Saw the first episode and couldn’t watch any longer, it’s too sad and frustrating. Shame, because I’ve heard it’s brilliant.


Is season 3 the one with Brother Mouzone? Great season!

There is one series in which McNulty barely appears. I’m sure it’s this one.


I feel like I should warn you that series 4 will be a serious assault on your feels.

But it is fucking fantastic, I can’t even find the words to describe how jealous I am of the fact you are going to get to watch it for the first time ever.


Yeah. Although I think Mouzone is in 2 as well.

And id love less McNulty, the guy is a cunt lol


Doesn’t he call his wife a cunt (during conversation with Kima)?

Brilliant scene, that :joy:


He’s very careful not to call her a cunt, but the underlying message is that he absolutely thinks she’s being a cunt haha


McNulty is one of my favourites haha. Avon, McNulty, Omar, Bunk, Wee Bey are my absolute favourite characters lol


Put some respect on Slim Charles’ name!


Had to find it! Happy Friday


Prop Joe was my guy


Slim Charles is someone I’ve only grown to appreciate when I rewatched Wire a second time. First time round I was never a fan.

Cheese is the worst character in the show though. Method just doesn’t really fit in


Yeah, I didn’t really think much either way about Slim Charles on my first couple of watches. I’m now on about my fifth watch through and he’s one of my favourites lol.

I’m glad Cheese is in it, even if only because his existence leads to Nicky Sobotka meeting Prop Joe and him then delivering one of the best lines of the entire show (imo), and hands down my favourite Prop Joe line:

“Fool, if it wasn’t for Sergei here, you and your cuz both would be cadaverous motherfuckers.”


But you have to admit he’s a very bad human being lol.

Colvin, Rawls, Landsman, Lester, Stringer, Omar and Bodie are my guys so far.

Tbh I like all of them except McNulty and that’s just because his personality (not to say he’s not a good character mind)


Bodie, what a great shout.

D’Angelo was one of my favourite characters too. Stringer is such a cunt but brilliant character.

The chess game is one of my all time favourite scenes:


This is the problem with thinking about your favourite characters from The Wire. You think you’ve got a list in your head and someone drops names like Lester and Bodie, or Jay Lansman and Bunny Colvin, and you realise you could name about twenty “favourite characters”.

Without dropping any spoilers, Carver really grows on me as the show progresses, I love his character arc. Similar for Prez.

Nobody has yet mentioned the absolute biggest con artist bossman of all time, Senator Clay Davis.

Think I’m gon’ be a scapegoat for the whole damn machine?! SHEEEEEEEEEEYIT


That’s what I loved about him haha. He was funny as hell and I loved his pursuit of Stringer Bell.

The most incredible show though. I don’t think anything I’ve watched before or since has been better.


Haha that line is one of my favourites. Prop Joe was one of the shows best characters even if I hated him whilst watching it.

I loved Sergei’s line too…

“Did he have hands? Did he have a face? Yes? Then it wasn’t us.”