What are you watching?


Can’t remember where I read this or who said it (I definitely won’t take credit for it), but when somebody asks me what the Wire is about, I say the main character is the city of Baltimore. How the drug game affects the users, the cops, the gangs, people in the hood, the judges, the politicians and the families of all these people…it’s the only show I can think of that captures the struggle and reveals the motives / what makes people tick of every single person affected by the game. It’s about the city and the people in it.


I saw it in the cinema last week, I thought it was pretty good. It does have parts where it drags a little but I think that was more to do with the shitty seats I had in the cinema than anything else.


Started The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I think the curiosity of trying to see the comparisons between the original and this new series are a draw for me. Although there is firmly a line crossed between them in being two separate works.

Dark is certainly what it lives up to from watching the first episode!


Started watching Bodyguard on Netflix, some good stuff, the pilot is great.


There wasn’t enough Salem the cat in it for my liking…


Didn’t even realise they relaunched the Sabrina TV series! That show was on for yonks. Does it use any of the original cast members or totally new lot?

Edit: Oh wow, seems completely different and very unrelated to the old TV series from the past.


If they did, they ought to rename it Sag-rina


Just started Sabrina enjoying it so far but the Fisheye lens effect in some scenes is really jarring


I noticed that too, in a show that’s clearly well researched and has great production values it felt very out of place, amateurish nearly.


Inside No.9 (Halloween special)


@Calum @Electrifying just saw Paul off Love Island being shown around my office, so surreal haha.

I have to say, he is a bit of a handsome bastard, queues of women waiting to get a photo with him lol


100 Days to Victory. BBC2



Haha what was he doing in your office?


Which one was he again?

The Britney one?


Manhunt:Unabomber on Netflix, one of the best stuff that i’ve watched recently.


16 minutes of James May unboxing (yup) a car. :slight_smile:


Absolutely LIVING for Harry Redknapp on I’m a Celeb :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: what a guy

Best cast in years. Gonna be a great 3 weeks :fire:


Hate to be horrible but really not sure why Anne signed up to this. Yea she’ll get paid well but it’s gonna be hell for her :persevere:


Think she’ll do very well with the public.


Harry has been fantastic on Celebrity, John Barrowman is overly camp, but very entertaining, Anne…what a waste of space…If she has that many medical problems, she shouldn’t have gone on the bloody programme in the first place…Cannot believe how much everyone seems to love her…unreal…