What are you watching?


The question is asked in a fairly open way. It could be what you are watching at that specific moment or what you are watching more generally on television, specific series or weekly shows.

At this exact moment I’m watching an episode of Frasier. I’ve had it on series record since the first episode and am now watching it all the way through. I’d always caught odd episodes here and there and thought it was really funny and now I’ve been watching every episode it’s one of my favourite sitcoms ever. Niles Crane is a great comic character, him and Frasier are hilariously pretentious and dysfunctional.

More generally I’ve just finished watching the British (original) version of House of Cards with Ian Richardson playing Francis Urquhart. I really enjoyed it and think that the show suits British politics very well. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes the US version. I do think that the first two series are better than the third, but that’s still entertaining and worth seeing for the ending to the trilogy. Especially as each series only has four 1 hour episodes, so it isn’t a massive investment of your time.


Nearly finished Narcos season 2. Going to watch season 2 of Better Call Saul next.


Narcos and Stranger Things are next on my list. Really excited for both. Biggest downside of living with my girlfriend is perhaps having to watch shows at her pace, apparently it’s not acceptable for me to binge watch four episodes of a show and then worry about making dinner when it’s 10 o’clock. Women sure are a mystery.


Anyone watch this at the weekend?!

Wow it was awesome. The iguana snake scene was insane! So intense and one of the best tv moments this year maybe even ever. That’s the scene that’s got everyone talking https://twitter.com/search?q=iguana%20snake&src=tyah

Never rooted so much for a iguana in my life! hahahaha


Thanks for sharing, what a scene that is!!!



Did you draw that yourself? :wink:


The Thick of it. Again. I love it.

Hugh Abbott has a slightly Partridge way about him.


Welcome to my thread, come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off.


I got rid of my TV just over a year ago.
Okay, it’s shit that I miss some good stuff from time to time but, the cat and mouse chase with the licensing people is hilarious.


You, are a naughty bastard!


I’m giving ‘The Expanse’ a go, because my friend described it as Game of Thrones in Space.

It’s not. I might watch a couple more, but the dialogue, sets, and acting are atrocious.

Anyone else seen this?


Ed Balls doing Gangham Style on Strictly Come Dancing :joy: :joy:

What a guy


Been watching Catastrophe again since I’m without internet right now and can’t download shit.

Fucking hilarious show. Chris is the funniest character since Junior Soprano.

“You’ve got all these plans for your life post marriage…then you remember that you’re pushing 50 and the Sky football package is in fact quite competitively priced.” :joy:


Just started watching Spielberg’s Amazing Stories, haven’t seen this since it first aired in the late 80’s. forgot how good a series it was, shame it only lasted 2 seasons. rumour has it it’s going to make a come back :joy:


The Man in the High Castle! Series 2 is available to stream from today. Loved the first series, one of the most original things I’ve seen in a long time. Also helps that I have a weird crush on Rufus Sewell…


4 hours of Mister Bean


As all the good stuff is taking a break thought id watch The Magicians… Not as bad as id thought it might be… A whiney lead with shit haircut apart…Some decent looking ladies and half decent storylines…Some near the mark scenes remarks… “To handle the special blade to kill the beast you needed the essence of a God…turned out to be a jar full of Harry Monk”… And yes she did swallow…Season 2 starts 25th Jan…


Mr Robot, it’s just awesome.


Just watched the Night manager. 6 episodes all good no fillers and quality.
Top acting, good script and good storyline.