What are you watching?

Winterwatch… BBC2 now… For 4 nights.

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Episode 3 of Taboo… With subtitles.

Heard good things about Taboo


Since Sir John died and I mentioned the ep in the RIP thread, I re-watched his episode of Doctor Who and I’d forgotten just how much I loved that programme. :joy:

Doubt I’ll be picking up where I left off though.

Yea you loved it so much you used to have a cool username. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just finished Search Party. Pretty shit, but wanted to know what happened at the end so persisted with it.

‘The Night Of’ is next on the agenda.

Started watching this…Cardinal
Can’t tell you much as i fell asleep(sleep apnea) only saw the beginning and end… Its a mini series of 6.

Call the midwife ,the missus loves it and its a real tear jerker !

Anyone watched The OA yet? :grin:

Watched two episodes. Absolute load of shite.

Ah i haven’t seen it. Have it on my to watch list on Netflix. Think I’ll pass now though. Mind you, with your bad taste - in getting bored of Suits, perhaps i shouldn’t trust your judgement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Blacksails new series episide 1…

The Expanse, episodes 1 and 2. Thomas Jane…

Santa Clarita Diet.
Gross but enjoyable…

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Elementary season 4 and 5. Dont mind this yankee version of Sherlock as Sherlock himself is still played by a Brit.


Vinnie Jones was shit though…


I’m the Juggernaut bitch!

Granted there’s only one episode so far, but Legion was fantastic. Marvel is absolutely killing it.

Watching it now…looks like the lead Dan Stevens maybe a gooner…

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