What are you watching?

Ah that Charlotte question had me gassed :joy:

Put some respect on that new job title!

This is horseshit btw.

Just more fodder for bosses to act like cunts in the real world.

Needless brutality

Found out the more 4 app on my TV and am now bingeing Grand Designs.

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I fucking love Grand Designs, what a great show.

Crazy white people building inappropriate houses and it always goes wrong.

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Kevin McCloud constantly berating the couple, asking how much they went over budget and forcing them to reveal Pippa’s grandfather popped his cloggs and left her a lovely inheritance. Hook that shit up.

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Yeah they’ve never fucking made the money themselves they always inherit it :joy:

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I love The Wall.

Danny Dyer is the perfect host for this :joy:

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Michael Palin. North Korea special edition.

New season of Below Deck has not disappointed. It’s so trashy I can feel myself losing brain cells while I watch and that’s exactly what I need sometimes.

@Calum the balls on Paul, bringing home 54k!

New Chaser in the mud again! :joy:

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Not been watching this one mate haha.

Got it on now

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Chaser will surely do this no probs

15 is shite that’s nothing for them haha

Caught with 40 seconds in play.

Should have just went home lads.

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Would I Lie To You - great programme !?



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