Wenger or Emery?

My man @Flexo got me thinking with his post in the Wenger thread:

So I wanted to put this question to the good folk of OA:

Would you sack Emery and install Wenger in place of him?

  • Yes, but only if it’s guaranteed that it’s just on an interim basis until the summer
  • Yes, even if it means there’s a chance he gets the job permanently
  • No

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And obviously tell us why!

@BigWeng_4LYFE don’t let me down, this is absolutely your time to pitch the fuck out of it and explain why we should give him the job again on a permanent basis :grin:


Interim manager is a free shot to audition for being a permanent manager. Even if the intention was to get rid of him, if he did well he’d make himself an easy option if no other outstanding candidates came forward.

So I’d really rather not take the risk.


Best manager comparison thread since Klopp/Wenger.


Fair play. Please entertain me for a second though. If I could offer you an absolute, cast iron guarantee that it’s just for the rest of this season, would you rather have him in place than Emery for the rest of the season? So put it this way, we’ve got a fully signed and publicly announced deal in place to get Allegri in at the end of the season (or whoever the fuck else we choose to rate as being a top manager), what do you say then?

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Besides, wouldn’t want to damage Wenger’s legacy any more than what has been done in his final couple years.

Yeah I totally cunted the parameters of the question :arteta:.

I’d say yes, just because it was someone new, but the same applies to Ljungberg or Arteta or any other name anyone wants to conjure.

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Sadly, the chances of him getting the job permanently are rather slim, despite all efforts and research towards life extension, the man is already 70, and probably won’t get to benefit.

Jokes aside, this idea, of getting Wenger back for a limited period has been reiterated several times on these boards lately. I personally think it would get us forward, I think this longish break helped him recover, he’s likely more lively, has more ideas, more resources and has a different perspective.

Sure, there are better managers out there, but he’s more accessible, the board would have an easier time getting him to sign. He’d get us top 4 with current squad.

All in all, yes please.


Let’s not forget why he got the boot. I like the man but will he come in with the fresh ideas of modern football that we need? Hardly. He would also start Xhaka anywhere on the pitch and have Özil play the left wing.


Still sounds like there’s a good chance that’s better than what Emery is offering though :joy:

Would Wenger do a better job than Emery with these players? Yes, so it makes sense from that perspective. But in multiple perspectives it doesn’t make sense.

From Wenger’s perspective it probably makes more sense to goto Bayern where he gets a shot at the CL with all the quality they have if that chance is available. Wenger actually wanted to goto Bayern when he was at Monaco but if I remember rightly Monaco blocked the attempt.

From Edu/Raul’s perspective, it looks like don’t have any fresh ideas. They should know who they want as their long term successor. If it’s Allegri, Nagellsman, Conte, Tuchel or Mourinho just make it happen. Get in someone with a track record in their prime.

Don’t get in these novices with no record because you want a yes man.

Lol not a snowballs chance in hell do I want Wenger back

Not even for a caretaker. This is like Redcafe asking for SAF back ffs :rofl: leave the past in the past


I don’t think it is, tbh.


Stupid fans asking for past it / retired former legendary manager back? :thinking:

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Fergus on left on a high, eking league titles out of aging and relatively average squads. He left adored by literally every United fan on the planet. Wenger left the club in totally different circumstances.

So if some Arsenal fans want Wenger back it is quite different to Man U fans who wanted Ferguson back.

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Yeah I’d take Wenger as of tomorrow if it was only an interim spot whilst we searched for a permanent manager. I have no doubt in my mind he’d get more out of this squad than Bumery.

We’d see some more lineups with Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ozil & Pépé in them and we’d start to try and do what this squad is designed to do best in scoring goals. Obviously all our defensive problems would remain, but I have no doubt we’d improve offensively significantly.


Wenger would do better than Emery, just like Emery initially did better than Wenger.

The biggest issue is the stink and misery around the club. Nobody appears to be enjoying anything about Arsenal this season.

Solskjaer wasn’t a great candidate, but he turned the atmosphere at United around when he came in and results improved because the fans got behind him and he wasn’t Mourinho. He went back to basics and the players played for him for a bit. Same kind of story with Shakespeare at Leicester.

Emery is fast becoming a hate figure and anyone coming in will change things immediately just by not being him. Someone the fans can like would really help, and that’s not Wenger, a man who the fans have already turned on.

I think someone like Vieira or Ljungberg short term would probably be more productive. They only need to be good for 3 or 4 months. Or any professional coach really.


Fucking hell. Imagine the scenes if this happened.

I want it just for that.


I’m actually surprised 60 % of fans on here would choose to ride it out with Emery until the end of the season over having Wenger as an interim.

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If you put it like that I’d probably take Wenger but FFS what a depressing pair of options.

As Craigie says, literally any professional coach, lol. Ljungberg being the obvious candidate, or going ahead and starting the new reign of our next manager instead of waiting until summer(Godteta ;).


Yeah ideally neither.