The State of The Arsenal

At the time, Southampton draw was the worst experience - furious. Looking back though, it was west ham that I’m most disappointed with. In context, it came immediately after the draw at Anfield, which most would have taken there. But my memory of the west ham game is not going on to get a third while we were clearly on top, the crowd were dead and been in the same position the game before. The ruthlessness seemed to vanish and we conceded from a sloppy, avoidable mistake. We conceded, but still didn’t take the hint from Liverpool and ended up level. Had we just knuckled down for a bit…Love saka, but the penalty miss now makes my stomach turn.

Lessons clearly were not learnt



To any supporters of Man U, Chelsea and spurs, if we bottled it, what have they done?

There would have to be a new word to describe their season, especially Man U.

They’ve barrelled it.

Out of those three, United are miles ahead of the other two.
Likely top 4. Have one cup and another final. Not getting that equation.

There is zero doubt we bottled the league. Zero. Anybody else spends that long on top, is winning the damn thing.

I’m quite disappointed that 50% of the bottlers (those who spent longest at the top and didn’t win) is us.

According to that, we should have at least 3 more titles to our name than we do now.

All in all, I’d rather be branded a bottler and wear it on my chest instead of being a pathetic, nothing club like Spurs

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I have doubts.

You’re free to feel as you feel but that doesn’t make it an indisputable fact.

Why does Arsenal have to be represented most on this list :confused:

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It’s a sad statistic, isn’t it :frowning:

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When we’ve supposedly bottled the title, it’s been against either Man U, Chelsea or Man City.

This season Arteta was competing against the best manager and players in Europe and before that Wenger had to contend with Ferguson and Mourinho who, like Man City, were the biggest spenders in Europe and all rotated their squads.

This means that our best players have to play almost every game, getting more injuries and fatigue than clubs that have massive resources.

So it’s no coincidence that towards the end of a season, the clubs packed with top quality players will finish stronger than those clubs who lack depth.

But when Leicester won the title, both us and spurs could be described as bottling it,
Although with us, it was more down to Wenger’s complacency, thinking he didn’t need to strengthen.



I was going to write the same thing fella

I dont think its a matter of bottling it, I think its a resource issue. We have never had the squad depth available to us that City, Chelsea and maybe United have had.

We rely on our first XI for the entire season, its only natural we fade towards the end of a season, thats what Mikel and Edu need to fix for next season.

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We bottled it and ran out of steam at the death, a bit like we did last season when top four was in our hands. Which is definitely something that needs addressing, Arteta can’t let us collapse at some point after 30 games next season when there are big things on the line. But he’s a young manager, and there are bound to be some flaws in his game, but I think you’d have to back him to iron those out given what he has shown us.

Bottling it doesn’t mean it wasn’t largely a good season though and one we can generally be pleased with, particularly when compared to initial expectations for this season. I enjoyed this league campaign more than any other since probably 07/08. You’ve got to at least be a bit grateful for that, imo.

The thing about bottling is that you do need to get yourself into a position in which something can be bottled. It stings, but you’d rather be in the position to potentially bottle something than not.

But I won’t be so sanguine about another bottle job next season. Arteta and the team just about get a pass for the last two for me, at this stage. Part of re-establishing ourselves as a truly top team will be cutting that out, and that has to start next season.


Yeah pretty much couldn’t sum it up better than that imo.

How do I get through the paywall to read this guys?

Thankyou GC

Brilliant read :+1:t3:

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He’s not alone. I haven’t felt like reading or posting much here either. It will be a while before I get engaged again, maybe when are right in the middle of silly season. Or if we make a signing right at the start of it.


Definitely is deflating. I can’t celebrate like some fans are doing, we definitely threw it away. The last third of the season for me is unforgivable. For me, one or two big signings isn’t enough. I want to see this ownership spend big and show we mean business. I just don’t think Rice and Caicadeo alone would fill me with much hope for the season ahead, we need another 3 to 4 quality players on top of them. And I just don’t think we’re ambitious enough to do that.


I think we’ll definitely make more than just 2 signings. Xhaka is gone so we have to replace him. Partey has fitness problems and Mikel isn’t going to want to rely on him, plus he’ll be 30 soon so we’ll need a younger replacement for him.

I also think we’ll definitely make one attacking signing, probably a striker. And then at the back, Tomi needs replacing as he just cannot be relied upon, as does KT if he chooses to leave. Don’t think we’ll sign another CB cause Kiwior will start to get more games ahead of Holding.

So, I can see us make 4 signings, 3 of which would be first team starters. Not enough to compete with City I know but if we can move out most of our on loan players (Pepe, AMN, Balogun, Lokonga, Tavares, Cedric, Mari and Marquinhos), we might just be able to sign another player.

This! Funny thing is that if these 2/8 wins were spread out across the season and we had the same point tally as we do now, I’d say it was a successful season.

But because we went on such a marvelous run and they made us believe they could do it and wanted it; and then they capitulated with no response right at the end, it’s left a sour taste in my mouth.

What’s the real Arsenal? The one from August till March or the one from March till May?? Cause this has happened twice in a row with no lessons learned.

I think next season will tell us whether this season was a stepping stone to success, or a fluke where the players were just riding on form and the emotional high.


Next season arteta has to be a little more tactically astute. After world cup city were far better at getting a lead and keeping the ball, while still creating chances. We have to be a little more ruthless when on top. Then be able to transition to a solid shape. Not keep sending LB and CM forward to leave the back line exposed. Introducing some passes over the top/runs in behind would help too. It would tire the forward line, but it’s not reasonable to expect them to play and perform like they did every game this season, so rotate as well!

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