The State of The Arsenal

Feels like pandemonium right now.

Captain telling fans to fuck off. Ozil not playing and giving a fuck for eons. Emery not having a clue what the heck he is doing.

“Fans” abusing our best player Aubameyang out in the streets.

Jose being circled as a potential next manager.

We are mid table. General feeling around the club is dire.

If you were in charge. What would you do from to top to bottom to fix The Arsenal?


You missed players seemingly not giving a shit on the pitch.

Yea mate that wasn’t an Arsenal fan, otherwise he wouldn’t have said ‘Arsenal cunt’ would he?

There was also someone shouting the amount of money spent on watching their shit… so yeah

In general the club is in a dire state - pundits, fans, non-fans, everyone and their dog are upset about Arsenal.

Hence the question, if one had free reign, how would you fix The Arsenal?

Ideally the owners see the mess or somebody on the board calls for an emergency meeting and that’s out a strategy towards some shared vision and kick start us.
We need some personality’s at this club who define us in an image that we haven’t had since Highbury.
Oh and if we could fuck the Emirates stewardesses off the pitch would be good as well.

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Download the editor to make us :fire::fire::fire:

Wait this isn’t football manager…

You class 5th as mid table?

We are mid-table, just give it another 3 games :unai:

Wolves, Leicester even fucking Norwich might be a bridge too far Unai and his bandits.


Sack Emery
Bring in Rodgers or Allegeri or even Mourinho
Utilise Ozil
Fine Xhaka
Sell Xhaka

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I don’t get why people keep bringing up Brendan Rodgers. Why would he leave a top 4 team that made a huge statement by crushing Southhampton to manage the complete cluster fuck at Arsenal?

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He is exactly the sort of manager we need.
He is PL expected at the highest level, he won’t put up with the nonsense we have seen and he plays players to their strengths.
If we can persuade him to leave Leicester is another matter.

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That’s all well and good and I agree he would be perfect for us but again, why the fuck would he consider coming to us? You can tell Rodgers was sour about his last days at Liverpool and he’s worked hard to get back to the Prem. I don’t think he’ll take that sort of risk when he’s got a good thing going at Leicester.

Tbh Rodgers isn’t going to jump yet. He’s got time on his side and at a good size club to test himself for now.
Two seasons minimum before he considers leaving imo.

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You might be right.
They sold their best player in the transfer window and look even better than they were.

If Leicester give Rodgers all the money they got for Maguire and a bit more, he will have a bigger transfer budget than us so he will probably sit it out there until a bigger club than us comes along.

Like most people, I’m sure Rodgers has watched our board’s lack of urgency and ambition and feels he is already at a club that will back him more than we would.

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We need someone in charge with balls of steel, who isn’t afraid to upset these prima donnas. I don’t see the board and Raul and Edu going for anyone but a YES man.

I think we need rid of most this squad, a lot of them are gutless imo. We need some nasty bastards and some fighters in this Arsenal side.

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I’m like ninety nine percent sure Rodgers quits Leicester tomorrow to become our manager if we asked him to lol


I’m not. I’m not going down the ambition road thing. I just reckon he’ll re-establish himself with a good unit at Leicester first. Personally think he will gravitate to one of the teams in the six in two seasons time.

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You make it sound like it’s all in his hands. In two years time the top six sides might not fancy him, might have relatively long term managers in place. If you want to manage a side like Arsenal again after being sacked by one and then having to take lesser jobs, and I’m certain he would do, you take the opportunity when it comes. Because it might not come again.

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He’s onto a good thing at Leicester. He also seems like a wise manager. He left a big club, in Celtic, to join a decidedly smaller club in Leicester. He seems like he wants to do the job for the enjoyment.

I can’t see him becoming manager of Arsenal or Manchester United any time soon, even if the clubs approached him

Yeah I think the Leicester job has enough potential attached to it now that I’d be very surprised if Brendan quit Leicester for Arsenal, which is sad to have to admit