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Prove it :smiling_imp:


They aren’t going to get every call right. Chances are at that age, other players showed much more promise. There aren’t unlimited slots available.

Regardless, the angle of Kane holding a grudge or whatever after 20 years is pretty lame. The media can retire that silly story now.


He has a clause no? Might as well trigger that just for the fuck of it.

Totts got no choice but to accept it.


Are you asking for nudes? :smirk::star_struck:


Nah. Just pictures in your boxers will do.



Alderweireld and Eriksen are gonna be the first to leave this summer, imo. They don’t give a fuck about “Tottenham 100 years project&we put pressure on” bollock.


Yeah, exactly, no way you can criticise anyone for that. At that age you have to decide who to keep and who not and if a boy is chubby and unathletic and doesn’t look likely to develop an athlete’s body that’s about as good a reason as any, unless he shows Iniesta like gifts with the football something I’m sure Harry Kane 9 years old didn’t.

If any complaint were to be lodged it’d need to be something like “why didn’t we keep tracking him and give a try to get him back into our academy when his body was developing at age 13 or 14”. But like you said, basically just a silly story.


I don’t think they believe they are making that level of judgement of a 9 year old. It’s a shot in the dark at that age and they have to cut down from 80 to 60 or whatever. I’d say it’s more like the room in Britain’s got Talent where they’re basically picking their favourites than anything.


@Cristo is definitely not the boxer wearing type. I’m thinking more bikini briefs. A look I’m sure he pulls off btw :sunglasses::heart:


How about you? What kinda guy are you?


Clause only comes into effect in summer 2019


I’m thinking more bikini briefs


Fucking lol’ing so hard in rl rt now that shit is too funny. Post of the year candidate don’t let me forget about this in December, @Electrifying :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


I’m definitely the boxer brief type but am considering the switch to tightey whities.

I do have a pair of speedos however.


When ur rockin the slim fit stuff being a hipster and all you just cannot wear boxers, ur shit will be all over the place. Boxer briefs are the way to go for the most part, I go half boxer briefs half regular briefs. I won’t rock tighty whities tho, gotta be a brave man to do that :joy::joy::joy:


I thought that you were just gay for Walcott? :campbell:


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Oh God, what did I start?! :see_no_evil:


You are too horny these days :xhaka:


Never complain about a bird that’s to horny champ, it isn’t a bad thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: