Post of the Year 2018


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@Bl1nk @Cristo @Electrifying @Gladiator @Sol

Which post from these choice of six, deserves the crown of Post of the Year? Vote now!


On day one 2018 @Bl1nk set the standard and it wasn’t bettered. :sunglasses:

I feel like I need multi votes for this one, some of them are just so damn amazing. It’s like trying to pick out an ice cream flavour at the parlour and you want to have them all :giroud:

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Who goes to an ice cream parlour and only has one flavour?! You have to have at least two!

You may want to look at my post again missy :gunnersaurus:

Dane bro’s Love Island takedown.

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Was meant to vote Cristo’s love island post but voted Blink’s instead by trying to click the link :roll_eyes:
Which was also a great post tbf :joy:

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You can change your vote. :slight_smile:

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Of course. Excuse me I’m ridiculously hungover today!

Wow, I’ve just read Cristo’s post.

Epic, and it rings true.

He gets my vote :+1:


If cristo wins this its a travesty haha

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Just re-read Cristo’s City post. Too good :rofl:

Would vote for all of the above if it were possible. All cracking posts!


I know it’s become a bit of the norm for Cristo to make one mega bonkers opening match post each year, but I still really appreciate the absolute insane amount of work and detail he goes into making that. I mean, that must’ve taken absolutely ages, and just when you think you’ve seen one funny moment, another one pops up, and then another. And the Mustafi compared to Hank Scorpio fucking finishes it off :joy: It’s relentless, but it all flows incredibly well.

But like MM says, each one of them is very good in their own ways and I’m still very torn by which is the best one. I’m glad this award is so closely fought.


Recency bias maybe, but Glads hands pic cracked me up hard, brilliant meme. Have to go for that.

Props though for Cristo becoming a socialist for 1 post though :arteta:

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Cristo’s opening post for city game, not the Love Island one pls :slightly_smiling_face:

Changed my vote to Cristo love island just to spite you love island fuckers


Hahaha yeah it does take about two hours believe it or not, but I quite enjoy doing them :joy:

My girlfriend thinks I’m fucking mad though

Thanks for all the love though guys :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Had to vote for @Electrifying and the Vince gifs. I lold so hard at the time and just like I said I would, I forgot about that post. When I just clicked it I lold like the first time. Post of the year for me 🖒 :joy::joy:

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Does she look at what you write on OA sometimes? Or she’s just aware that’s is a site you visit a lot and just prefers to keep out of your business? If only she knew what you were up to with all the ladies on OA :wenger2:

Hahaha no she doesn’t read what I post, she just sees that I’m on the red and white website and knows it’s OA :joy: