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Nah it’s 2020 that’s a supposed one off.


Most of those were flukes like Ramsey vs Galatasaray.


If I was a few beers down I’d be so triggered rn


This is a bad tweet.

This Ronaldo rape story will be very interesting to follow


What a bunch of cunts.

I’d imagine that woman doesn’t share that opinion…


Silly from Juventus and quite unprofessional considering


What if ronaldo’s advisor told him to settle regardless of if he did anything, before it drags out potentially harm him although the did nothing?

Now that’s a possibility; or is it as soon as you are accused that’s it you are guilty?


I’m not wasting my time discussing this topic with you tbh.



Me irl when I saw this


It was question of thought more than anything else; whether or not you respond is optional


This seems quite a casual and dismissive statement from Juve, kinda like “look, it was 10 years ago and he’s a really good footballer so it’s fine.”

Cristiano Ronaldo rape allegations
Serie A Thread

They have to defend their star.


The classic raping someone is bad unless it was done by someone you just paid 80mill for.

Interesting PR stance there cotton lets see how it pays of down the line.


@Luca_from_Italy @Phoebica @Gunnerpr hope you don’t kind but I’ve moved your posts here to keep the discussion in one place


Should just make a new thread, what you think buddy?


The guy clenching his fist in the air was properly invested in this haha


Quality quote


To win titles and make money.


There won’t be much money in the titles if we don’t find the game entertaining


Yet you want to raise ticket prices…