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This is Jordan Larsson (son of Henrik) having his shirt removed by fans of his club Helsingborg which got relegated. Security is a major priority there. :wink:

And this is manager Henrik Larsson doing the “Hold me back…”


USMNT have sacked Klinsmann.


About time.


Fucking laugh in the MLS Eastern Final tonight between Montreal and Toronto played in Montreal. The game was delayed 30 minutes because the penalty boxes had been laid out to the wrong dimensions. Jeezus!

Montreal brought on Drogba in the second half. Doubt he’d even get the teaboy’s job at Chavs nowadays.




Yeah uh…Fuck FIFA.

The disciplinary proceedings against the FAW are in relation to incidents involving the display of poppy symbols. The incidents, as detailed in the communication from FIFA, under investigation include –

Some supporters in the stands wearing the poppy

A member of the armed forces was holding a bunch of poppies at the exit of the tunnel .

A fans mosaic depicting the poppy was displayed during the anthem of Wales.

A banner depicting the poppy was also displayed by the supporters of wales before the match started.



My former local club getting this belter scored against them. Love the reaction. :slight_smile:


Enfield is shit. I already knew it :wink:



Plane carrying players from Brazilian football team crashed in Colombia.


Lack of fuel is completely unacceptable reason for a plane crash. What the heck!


Use spoiler tags :slight_smile:


Already seen this, so won’t ruin it for anyone…


Who is it? Hit the button between the smiley face and tv to get the spoiler button


Hmm is it Stephen Ireland ?

reasoning: the clubs Aston Villa, Manchester City and Stoke keep popping up with these names




Ahhh thought it was him yes.

Was thinking James Milner first, but he hasn’t played with Pires (he wishes!)


lol :smiley:

I also see now that Sylvinho only played for one other PL club, City (in 09/10), so there is a decent chance this player was in that squad that year and one could have gone from there


Pires is the biggest hint I think. That’s how I got it. The answer was quite obviously someone who played with him during that small spell at Villa, which narrows it down somewhat


Is it Rohan Ricketts? Not a clue otherwise :slight_smile: