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English football has found itself in the middle of a child abuse scandal at the moment. This happened on GMB, What a prick.

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Confirmation…David Alaba is alright. :wink:

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When Wimbledon use to come to Highbury they used to bring no more than a few hundred and would take up a fraction of the corner of the Clock End which for London derby was embarrassing.
How they used to finish top half of the league was amazing.

Probably the lowest supported club that I’ve seen at Arsenal, although Charlton and Luton didn’t bring many either.

I also remember reading that of all the teams in the league, they admired us the most, but this was when Graham was manager, and we were renowned for having a very high work rate and a very physical and defensive team, which was just like them.

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Totally the worse feeling ever at Highbury had to be the penultimate game of 89 season when we drew 2 2 with them.
Was convinced wed blown the league that night.
Following night Liverpool slaughtered west Ham 5 1 and took a 2 goal advantage for our meeting on the friday night.
Goosebumps are starting again now. . .

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It’s ridiculous but they can’t have any complaints, they were warned this would happen.

Why have England been fined the most though? Are we deemed to be the ringleader? :laughing:

I’d wager that it’s because it took place at Wembley and we set up the dedication and invited the soldiers and the minute silence etc.


Still don’t get this though…

Following Wales’ 1-1 draw at home to Serbia the next day, Fifa opened disciplinary proceedings looking at “fans in the stands wearing the poppy” and the presence of “a member of the armed forces holding a bunch of poppies at the exit of the tunnel”, according to the Football Association of Wales (FAW).

What the hell has fans in the stands wearing poppies got to do with anything?


Missed this at the weekend. “Mistaken identity”? Because they do look pretty similar don’t they…


Jonjo Shelvey 5 match ban & 100k fine for calling Romain Saiss a “cous cous nonce”.

He is worse than me at food abuse.

I know this isn’t supposed to be funny, but I did laugh a little bit…


I think GFI is correct here, as Shelvey threw in an insult there at the end. Luca just sticks to the food names. Don’t think I’ve ever seen him call someone a Bangers and Mash douche bag.

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Help, anyone know?

Robbie Keane I think.

(Ronaldo is not Cristiano)

I came up with Robbie Keane, then remembered he never played with Ronaldo.

Then I realised there’s more than one Ronaldo :frowning:

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Did Robbie Keane play with Wayne Bridge at West Ham? (assuming they both played there, not sure where else it could be otherwise)

Genuinely think this might be the most interest anyone has ever put into Keane’s career.

Haha yeah pretty much what I did. That’s why it was really confusing me. Trying to work out if I had missed Cristiano going on loan to Leeds or something, lol.