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’ The Best’ just seems like a massive pile of shite, doesn’t it?


Everyone knows by now the ones who deserve to win awards never do.



Think for the first time I have no complaints about the Fifpro world XI.

I’d maybe have had Casemiro instead of Kante but can’t really begrudge him that at all.


Was Modric really that good?
Genuinely asking.


Well, he is a sensational player but certainly not in the Ronaldo/Messi league. Granted, nobody has reached their level the past 10 years. This year was more of a charity award year, I mean, Salah won the Puskas ffs. People were craving for the opportunity to see Ronaldo and Messi miss out finally.


Really? Then EXSPLAYN how why this joker deserves to be in


Lol didn’t even notice he was in there, just glanced at defence and made sure it was Ramos and Varane and assumed it would he Carvajal or Pavard.

I guess that’s one complaint.


Fifa may finally be wising up, these would be some good changes for the game.

Agents have become a plague upon football.


Why do they bother with fan voting? Just like in politics it’s clear that people’s tribal views cloud their judgement :grin:


2017’s is a thing of beauty. They should have retired the trophy there and then tbh.


I’d be disappointed if that won goal of the month tbh.


That Salah goal was quite nice actually, not Puskas standard maybe but at least it’s a change from some nobody with a freak goal winning the award, aka Giroud :wink: he turned the fullback inside out and scored a great curled finish. Would get more hype if someone like Messi done it


Think it’s pretty hard for a Messi goal to get any hype tbh. We just expect those type of goals from him.


Not really, Messi had a bang average goal v Nigeria nominated for this award, simply because he’s Messi and not your average player it got hyped and nominated


It’d get more hype if it was a better goal


Explain how Messi got nominated for an average goal then? nevermind a beauty like Salah’s


All you’ve proved is that shit goals (comparatively) routinely get nominated for this award.


Turkey fans took it well in the comments… :grimacing:


I thought they’d done away with having one country host the Euros, hence all the multiple cities hosting the upcoming 2020 event?