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Lord Ebouè?


Justin Hoyte?


just goes to show what this guys mind is like


Yeah that’s really made me go off Gerrard Pique.


And the worst goal on the shortlist wins the award. Not a chance Salah’s goal was better than Bale’s or Ronaldo’s! It probably wasn’t even the best goal that month!

It’s an insult to Giroud that he has to share the club with this wannabe!


Good but not that good


I could find plenty of such goals from Suarez’s season compilations alone.


I’m still trying to work out why Kasper Schmeichel was in the top three GK list.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: wtf how did this beat both Bale and Ronaldo’s?


How was it even nominated, let alone win.


There is absolutely no way that goal could possibly be the best scored in world football last season lol. Its obviously a very good goal, but surely the winner of that award should go to something ludicrously good.


It makes sense now. Salah was left out of Fifa’s Best XI, so they gave him the goal to soften the blow…


The biggest farce of the evening is that Deschamps won best coach.


At least Deschamps is a World Cup winning coach. The fuck did Alves do to get in the World XI? I reckon he has some dirt on the people who vote in these things. He’ll be in that side long after he’s retired.


He’s very successfully marketed himself as the only right back anyone’s ever heard of, so you just leave him alone, alright?


Despite Deschamps. Not because of him.


Maybe so, but there is still logic behind the decision to award it to him.

But if you prefer, we can pretend that Deschamps is presenting it to Wenger instead of the other way round :grin:


Only way it makes sense is if it was a fan award and they let those crazy Egyptians vote.


Fixed that for you