Cristiano Ronaldo rape allegations


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A really really honest question here, but how can you “prove” rape? At least physically, there need to be signs, I believe. This is 10 years on. It would be impossible to prove? Or am I wrong?

Will they judge it on the pay off? Will the jury (if it goes to trial) use the 300k Ronaldo paid off as evidence, deem it as “hush money” and see that that could tip the balance?


Apparently it was reported not long after the event ? I’m not sure I’ve heard varying reports.


I have serious misgivings about this being opened to wider discussion giving the previous Ched Evans threads. Keep it sensible chaps…


To me this sort of stuff famous or not should be against the law to be public knowledge untill its proven one way or the other.


Why would he rape anyone? The girls are raping him not the other way around.


Do you ever post serious comments hah


Tbf apparently the Spiegel article has a document where he basically admits he raped her.

In that document, the soccer player is quoted as saying: “She said no and stop several times.”


Depends how you define serious.

I will admit that I do like irony anf sarcasm. Being on an internet forum like this gives me the freedom to play around and experiment. You wont see me engage in huge political debates in here for an example. And as far as I know its perfectly legal to create non serious posts in here, unless i have misunderstood something.


I imagine they’ll compare both accounts of the night in question to see if one story doesn’t add up. I’m not sure what’s led to this being reopened if there was an out of court settlement, I’ll have to read up of the story.

Regardless, it’s been handled in the most shocking manner by Juventus

Edit: seems as if the out of court settlement is being questioned. Not sure what led to it nlw being brought into disrepute


Wasn’t a criticism haha. I like your style of posts :wink:


I don’t know this to be true but I’d imagine the criminal aspect was never persued because the civil one was and it’s now a criminal investigation…?


She asked for over 900k but settled for 375.

To be honest he was near the height of his career which makes him an easy target; for to settle rather than play this out in public was a smart thing to do, regardless of if he did or not.


I think I just got the jist of it. Apparently she signed a non-disclosure form, but her claim is that she wasn’t happy with how the case did not follow proper procudure at the time by the police department, and that she wasn’t mentally fit enough to sign the form. I believe the issue is whether the non-disclosure form remains legitimate.

I however have no idea what the proceeding information shows in regards to Ronaldo’s guilt, I’m assuming it’s quite damming for him?


I think from what I’ve been reading and heard; it’s more or less he said she said sort of thing.

But all I can say now she selling her story to all the papers about her PTSD.


Well I could tell you how I’d vote on a jury if presented with the evidence as currently (apparently) available but not much beyond that.


Why do girls come forward after so so many years.
In US politics, someone is coming out after 30 odd years, here 10.

I can understand they can’t come out immediately because of what they went through but when it is 10-20 years, I don’t get it.


I think it’s because of that #metoo movement, Trion. As flimsy as it sounds, never underestimate people power. Others are doing it, so she followed suit. Fair play tbh. If Ronaldo did do it, then justice will be served rather than silenced


You don’t get it because you don’t really have any empathy towards women to be honest.

Women don’t often report these things immediately because they’re usually embarrassed, or they’re of the opinion that people won’t believe them and more often it’s because they don’t want to relive the trauma of what happened to them.

We live in a society where many women who are victims of sexual assault are blamed for it. You have senior figures telling women that they shouldn’t have worn what they did if they didn’t want to be raped as if their choice of clothing justified a mans decision to rape them. For a lot of victims the blame is almost shifted on them when people start asking questions like “why did you go to his room then” as if again, being raped was her fault.

Unfortunately we haven’t created a platform that allows for women to feel comfortable to report instances of sexual assault/abuse and that’s why so many allegations are historical.

You only have to head over to twitter to here all the idiots saying stuff like “why would he rape her, he could get any woman in the world”. That’s precisely why he would have raped her. Because powerful men cannot understand why a woman does NOT want to sleep with them and they act in their ego, their pride and their lust for complete power.

The blame for rape is still shifted onto women unfortunately and until that horrible culture changes, many women will still be scared to come forward and report their abuser. And until powerful people are brought to justice for the heinous acts they committed, women who are raped by rich and successful men will continue to hide it through fear of not being believed.

Whenever a woman accuses a rich and famous man of rape you have the idiots in their thousands talking complete shit about how “she’s only after his money”, “there’s no way he would rape her when he can get any woman in the world” and “why would she go back to his hotel room then, what was she expecting”.

And people wonder why women don’t want to come out and talk about it.


You are a bit of a tit sometimes. Keep it serious.