Cristiano Ronaldo rape allegations


I used to make this type of argument myself. However I’ve been on the wrong end of a woman lying and using the legal system to effectively destroy me. Yes some men get away with rape and yes many women ruin men with false allegations. For the attention, the big money pay off, the sympathy, revenge, the sense of power in destroying a man etc etc.

Also the reason a woman’s behaviour prior to and after an alleged rape is examined is because it gives an idea of her intent.

The eternal problem with rape is it usually relies on ‘he said, she said’ evidence alone.


False allegations are a fraction of all rape cases though. Especially given the majority go unreported.

I genuinely believe there are a lot of guys out there who when drunk are unsure if what they’ve done is classed as sexual assault or rape in the eyes of the woman and that is the driving concern which causes so many people to discredit the woman without even batting an eye lid.

Don’t know how controversial that viewpoint is. But for me given how rare it actually is to get false rape allegations I don’t know why people jump to that conclusion without fail every single time.


I read an article recently where two separate police officers, one male and one female, said that a lot of accusers were doing it to get back at the man, or use it as a threat, or that they had made a mistake when both of them were drunk and it was like a get out.

It seems as if the woman accusing Ronaldo wanted 900k and then settled for 300k and now wants more.
Why should she get so much money, and if she got a settlement of 300k, why is then asking for more?
Has she spent all the original money?

I don’t understand why the money is the overriding factor when celebrities are involved.
Anyone would think that’s all the accusers are interested in.


Link it please.


How do you know false allegations are a fraction of rape cases? You have no way of knowing how many men are wrongly accused.


Theres a lot of reasons for that which done take much thought to realise

  1. Non celebrities will most likely not have a spare few hundred grand to keep someone quiet those that do you would never hear about because they arnt celebrities.
  2. A celebrity will be able to pull together a mammoth legal team with unlimited resource, reach and influence. A teacher on 30k a year will only have a single tinpot lawyer at her disposal.
  3. Rape has a relatively low conviction rate given it is extremely hard to prove beyond all burden of doubt.
  4. A rape trial against someone famous will net you a life of death threats, abuse, trauma and humiliation in the public domain.
  5. Given the chances of justice are low it is perfectly logical and understandable that you would go for the option which is at least something right? How many people in that situation wouldn’t want to have it all over with and a massive compensation, probably most people.


Or it could be that money is what they were after and accusing someone of doing something that, as you say, is very difficult to prove, might be an easy way to do it.

There a lot of women that are attracted to money and that’s why you rarely see a wealthy businessman, no matter how physically unattractive, with a shortage of female admirers.

I’m not saying Ronaldo is innocent, but the “me too” campaign is similar to the McCarthy trials in America, where you only had to be accused to be thought of as guilty.

I’m also worried when, on the occasions these accusers are found to be liars, there is no recourse for the accused.
It makes a mockery of a system where a man can have his career ruined by false allegations and have their pictures all over the media yet the accuser walks away, even though what they have done is effectively fraud.




Like when?

Worth mentioning that there is of course a difference between something not being proved and the accuser being a liar.


I thought this was an interesting article about the profile of the type of person who goes for false rape allegations. In your example someone who is motivated by money and willing to break the law through false rape allegations would almost certainly have a long trail behind them of smaller offences.



Of course there are occasions where the accuser has made everything up.
Just as there are thousands of men paying child support for children that aren’t theirs but the woman has lied and said they were.


If only there were some sort of biological way of proving parentage…

And yes, of course false allegations happen. I was wondering if you were referring to specific instances.


Rape is a serious allegation and problem. People who rape others should be severely punished.
However, nowadays it seems like you can just accuse someone (high profile of course) of rape and it gets cover stories and sensational articles published.

It happened 10 years ago. How can she prove it was rape and how can Ronaldo prove it wasn’t? How can they prove anything at all, when it is her word against his and he has got all to lose and she has got all to win?

If it was rape, it’s of course unacceptable, but it should have been dealt with 10 years ago. Yes, it is difficult to do this, I am sure. But, now it’s far damn too easy to just throw around accusations of things that happened 10 years ago. For all we know, she raped Ronaldo who was at the time to become the most famous athlete in the world.

In my opinion, this is just an attempt to get media attention and money out of it.


The article essentially states it has no idea:

“Only 2-10% are accusations are ‘proved to be fake’.” Wait a minute, proving an accusation is nigh on impossible with he said/she said evidence, so by that logic there must be countless cases that aren’t caught.

The assumption is all guilty cases are guilty unless proven innocent. Some of the men who get convicted will be innocent much like some guilty men will get off.

The standard of evidence for a rape conviction is also lower than for any other crime.


Your long post is completely different to what I said.

I merely said coming forward after many years down the line doesn’t make sense.
It is hard enough to judge rape allegations the day after. it’s nearly impossible to tell someone is guilty or innocent after 10-20 years.

I even said coming out immediately might be very confusing decision to make.
you can excuse a year or two, not a decade or three.


Fuck off, are you for real?


It looks like Mayorga will have evidence to backup her claim - Ronaldo filled out a questionnaire where he apparently states that “she said no and stop several times.” Also, she had a rape examination after the incident - if she was raped then the output of the assessment will surely show that. Won’t be a case of simply her word against his.

Putting the criminal charges to one side, I’m guessing Ronaldo’s lawyers will counter-sue the living shit out of her for breaking the NDA regardless of the criminal outcome of this.


This is how I can tell who actually read the article and paid attention. Not a single person reflexively defending him ever references either of these two things or has a response to them, especially those words of Ronaldo that you quoted and him saying that he apologised to her afterwards.

A rape kit was done and you’d think that that would provide evidence to back up that she was anally raped, and if her legal team are correct in saying that there are legal documents in which Ronaldo said those exact words (and I find it hard to see how they could make such a claim if its untrue because it’ll be easy to verify if this gets to court) then there’s a pretty strong case here.

Well find out soon enough, but based on what we have available to us right now, this does not look like a simple case of “he said, she said” her word against his.


I wanted to say this basically.

In this case, his word is WITH her word. He literally says he fulfilled almost the dictionary definition of rape.