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Yeah how else will clubs buy players who provide entertaining football?




Classic Warnock :joy:


I agree with him to be honest. Only attempted murder should be punished with a red card. Ashley Williams would have been in trouble after trying to kill RVP!


Anybody want to give Stan Collymore a lesson in percentages? Maybe start with some simple counting? He may be ‘the man who always speaks his mind’ but his mind clearly does not understand mathematics.

Now he is back, tempering any Arsenal excitement by writing: ‘The vast majority of your players are still those Arsene Wenger left and that means your side will win 90 per cent of their games and lose the other fixtures they’re expected to lose, that means no titles.’

If Arsenal win 90 per cent of their games they will amass 102 points. Not only will they win the title but they will set a new Premier League points record in the process. Huzzah.

:joy::joy::joy::joy: What a fucking idiot


That’s the kind of pointless pedantry I enjoy. Ignoring the clear point being made in favour of being right on a technicaliteh


They’ve picked Bukayo Saka for us

Freddie Ljungberg, the Arsenal under-23s manager, is excited about Saka, who is comfortably the most talented player in his age bracket at the club. A regular for the under-18s last season – he was almost unplayable in the FA Youth Cup against Liverpool – Ljungberg has given him game time for the under-23s so far this season.

Saka is a left winger who can also play at left-back, who trades on his power, directness, ability to beat his man and final ball. The London-born England under-17 international has a physical solidity that belies his years. With Reiss Nelson on loan at Hoffenheim for the season, he senses sustained opportunity at under-23 level.


Saka sounds like :xhaka: :mustafi:


This is not your kinda joke


I try to do my best.


A poll of the greatest PL team ever on BBC Sport if anyone is interested.

It’s kinda crap when you consider Arsenal of 01/02 aren’t on it but the other 2 league winning sides are (97/98 and 03/04)


In other news, Dudley Deg died :pensive:


He’s fucking shit but fair play to him, doing what he loves :arteta:


Positioning wise he was decent, better than some Arse strikers over the years. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can tell he’s not a footballer though by the way he was so quick to get up when he took the tumble down the side of the goal.


Having the time of his life. Would that all footballers find that much enjoyment.




I imagine the director went something like this: let’s make a cool film clip :sunglasses: It should go like this:

legendary player/moment
legendary player/moment
legendary player/moment
legendary player/moment
legendary player/moment
theo walcott
legendary player/moment


Good news


Eleven Sports has halted its broadcasting of La Liga matches during the United Kingdom’s Saturday afternoon blackout period, but warned it is considering a legal challenge to the regulation.

Uefa statutes prevent live football from being shown between 2.45pm and 5.15pm on Saturday in the UK.

"We maintain our strong view that the rule, which dates back to the 1950s, is unfit for the modern, digital era - particularly for overseas games which we hold the rights to.

"The blackout is one of the biggest generators of piracy in the UK. These games are very easily accessed on illegal sites online and it is naive to think that fans do not watch them because they are not shown on legitimate platforms, except betting sites.

“It is irresponsible to leave the market in the hands of criminals.”

Eleven Sports says supporters’ wishes are not being heeded by the blackout, which is being enforced by the “football establishment”.

Eleven Sports going after this stupid past it rule.

What heroes!!!


I feel I should warn you they really aren’t doing it out of heroism.