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Why is there such a rule?


To make people go to see their local team instead of watching on Tele I think.


Back in 1950s?


Pretty much. Though think it was actually the 60s. And if anyone has a problem with it, they can address their hate mail to Burnley – it was their chairman who complained and made the Saturday blackout a thing :grin:


If they get rid of it they are lifetime heroes to me!!





It’s an intriguing story but a pretty ludicrous gimmick lol


This is the kind of nonsense that I’m glad exists in the world but am ultimately glad is nowhere near anything I give a fuck about.



Did @Arsenal4thetreble write this?

What a fucking embarrassment of an article :joy::joy:


Always been overrated as fuck.


Did you read the whole thing? I got about two paragraphs in and had to give up.


Sadly yes haha


@Luca_from_Italy the bald cunt at it again.

Fuck off FIFA.


I look forward to the official statement that categorically states this is nothing to do with money and everything to do with grass roots football.




Well would you look at that! He’s not bad after all haha


My bald cunt :fire:


Bit nsfw Luca ffs!