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that’s where the fire came into picture


I was kidding :xhaka:


That noggin is something alright.

Head like a fucking orange (or more akin to an egg).


Tottenham’s and PSG’s relative popularity suprises me alot. Where the hell are we :rofl:


Asia :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw this graphic tweeted by a different account and they said it was Champions League teams only, so that would explain our absence.

Spurs is kinda American sounding I guess. And maybe a lot of hipsters adopted them over the last couple of years.

As for PSG. Their US popularity is surely down to their Michael Jordan kit?


This is exactly what I was about to say. Not only is that Jordan shirt absolute fire, it’s a very canny marketing move.


Ah I also notice that it’s the sales from one US based football site only, making a fairly useless infographic even more useless. My bad :grin:

  1. It’s fake
  2. It’s only CL teams

  1. It’s murrica, so illogical


Wow! Merse has just ripped into us on GSS.

“If Liverpool don’t win by at least 3 clear goals at Arsenal, I’ll be shocked.”

“Leicester are different to Liverpool. Leicester are average at best.”

“Arsenal are like a boxer with a dodgy chin. Once they get it, theyre going spark out. Spark”

He’s still one of my all time faves tho :slight_smile:


Merson is a twat. He’s also a Chelsea fan so is gonna say that


Probably one of the pundits I hate most. I guess the fact I never remember him playing for Arsenal doesn’t allow me to give him the benefit of the doubt


Merson, i am glad he said that…it means we are likely to win or at least draw, Merse should stick to Alcohol and drugs it is all he knows about, his predictions are pretty much the opposite of what happens, demented loser.


The thing is, apart from the disrespect to Leicester and the hyperbole, isn’t he right?

We do look susceptible to a beating. It’s all ifs and buts but I wouldn’t even fancy our chances against Manchester United based on our first half performances


There’s obviously some sort of reason you see every other former player/legend back at Arsenal visiting but never see Merson, because he’s a cock socket and has a massive chip on his shoulder.


I don’t like Merson but that’s a fair, not very well articulated, opinionated assessment tbh

I’ve seen worse takes from him


Yeah he’s not actually wrong. We haven’t been good but we’re winning and the Liverpool attacking threat could genuinely tear us apart