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Shit, get well soon Glenda.

Hope it’s nothing too serious.


Interesting article on the transfer and contract system in football. Can’t see this ever happening tho




What a cunt


Thinking snapchat protected you… amateur :man_shrugging:t2:


What a tool haha


Lads will be lads but she was 7 months pregnant.
Really dude?


I wonder if Olivier Giroud is that easy :thinking:

Might see if I can slide into his DMs.


My thoughts exactly lol


When I was in secondary school and about sixteen one lad piped up with, “yo so who watches pregnant porn?”

Pure tumbleweed was what he got back. He didn’t live that one down for years. Anytime he tried taking the piss, “fuck off and have a bash over a pregnant lady”

Weird ass fetish


this “one lad”, a friend of a friend huh? :mustafi:


[devil’s advocate]

To be fair to the dude he probably gets a dozen of young lasses a day DMing him hoping they can get him to batter-dip the cranny axe in the gut locker. For all he knew the pregnancy was an excuse to chat him up and marinate his nether rod in the squish mitten.

[/devil’s advocate]


I hate this line, there’s nothing I can say in response that doesn’t make it sound like the person in question is really me haha


Remembrance Sunday is coming up folks. The only ever time I hear of James McClean.

Is it really such a big deal that Stoke had to make a statement? :rofl:


Refuses to wear a poppy but doesn’t mind breathing in English air for FREE! What a bastard

No surrender…


I’ve never worn a poppy. Don’t think its a big deal tbh. It’s your own choice


I don’t tend to buy one anymore, people like to make out it’s the only way you can pay your respect to those who died at war. Some people forget that it’s a choice you can freely make


Should post that on RAWK. Total fucking classless asshole.


I tend to stick a fiver or a tenner in one of their pots when the old boys are out in train stations but I prefer not to wear one these days. Probably partly my contrarian nature, but the way some people go on with their poppy outrage about people who choose not to wear one makes me really not want to join in.


This was my first thought too when I read about James McClean :grin:

I don’t like James McClean (who does?!) but this isn’t one of the reasons why I don’t like him. Wearing a poppy is supposed to be voluntary – and let’s be honest, how many people just wear one for the sake of it anyway and don’t actually think about what it means?! I don’t agree that you should have to explain your reasons for not wearing one and then be subjected to a witch hunt.