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So you’re against everyone looking good. That’s good. :grin:

I ain’t even reading the article but there have always been rules about what you can and can’t wear on the pitch. You’d hope they keep those rules sensible and after that who cares.

I doubt that many people care whether or not she wears fake lashes or not if she is performing on the pitch. The time people will care is when she isn’t performing on the pitch. Same way I didn’t care how many tattoos Auba had or wanted until it seemed to take precedence over football/team commitments.

Feels like creating an issue where there isn’t really one to begin with

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You forgot Cristiano Ronaldo you sexist :wink:

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Did she say she wanted to be a model? I think it’s no different than a player getting a fresh line put in a fade before a game.

How often do women footballers suffer the same fate as Cucurella?

Referring to Romero hair pull incident

Honestly can’t see any issue in anything she says. Doesn’t seem like she’s having a big whinge or anything.


There is the famous college soccer hair pull.

It made SportsCenter:

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Haha never thought this would be a picture from the Serie B!


Wait, the fuck is Cesc doing in the Serie B? :joy: Just hang it up at that point man.

Is that Serie B or the Italian Zimmer Frame Pensioners League.

When you have as much money as he does and you’ve had the career he’s had you definitely know he’s just playing for love of the game at this point.

Interesting he did Serie B though I can imagine he’d have had plenty of interest from the MLS, the Middle East or whatever other developing football nation has loads more money than sense.


Have you ever been to Como? Pretty special place, can definitely see why he went there than some soulless glass and cement city in Saudi or Qatar


Yeah seems like a beautiful place. Everyone I know who’s been there has said so. But I don’t imagine he’s earning much money being there so he’s definitely just someone who’s a simple guy and loves the game


He’s also a director or something there as well?

Great location to retire in

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The goat striker also invested in them, I’m sure there’s some link that resulted in them both looking at Como.

Didn’t realise Buffon was back at Parma.

I wonder if this should be deemed illegal. He’s done it for penalties too. Not exactly a two touch but he’s purposely doing this to get the ball in the air before actually hitting it.

I guess the issue is that it’s really hard for refs and reviews to pick it up.



Do they still work together? Carragher seems to be roasting him every week.

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Yeah they were on together on Friday :joy: