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Yikes, that’s the actually some of the best people out there.

The Athletic’s pitch must be damn comprehensive

Hmm Bilbao with a weird transfer strategy here

I’ll miss reading Amy Lawrence :santi:


This only means more opportunity for @Phoebica


Guendouzi in the trash indicates to me this guy should delete his twitter. In fact just delete your life mate.

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Even though I know it’s bait I triggered slightly at that.

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Best player because of past achievement?

He’s just a cunt really. Vela has done nothing, not spoken his name, but the reporter brings him into the conversation knowing this wanker will give him a soundbite, which he obviously does.

Its a shite answer anyway, nothing he said proves that he is the best player in that league at the moment rather than Vela.

The pendulum swung back the other way a while ago for me, he isn’t particularly amusing, he’s just a total cunt.


We all found him cool until we turned 18 I guess.


“Where was I when I was 29?”

Reporter should have replied ‘not winning champions league’


The important bit is that Carlitos Vela is triggering Zlatan.
Love to see it.

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I just love how everyone takes the bait. :joy:Zlatan manages this every time.


Isn’t he the one who took the bait from the reporter?

I highly doubt Zlatan is some crafty troll to think that far


Yeah that shit is hilarious :joy: Zlatan is hilarious. I’ve just stopped trying to explain it to people who don’t get him lol

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@Ocke and @oompa just want to ascertain if my suspicions are correct and you are both indeed Swedish? :smile:

Interesting that you describe it as people taking the bait, or suggesting that we don’t “get him”, when there isn’t much to get. This isn’t some hugely ironic piece of performance art from him, that requires a sophisticated mind to appreciate. He’s just evidently a cunt by nature, it’s not really all that complicated lol.

I’d be taking the bait if I’d try to explain it after saying I’ve given up on it lol

Nah but it’s something like we have this cultural thing where you don’t brag about shit, it’s a bit special, not the general “don’t be full of yourself” thing, it has more nuances. He came with the Yugoslavian batch in the early 90’s and people hadn’t seen that type of self-confidence expressed too much, we’re protestant as fk, praise hard work and modesty traditionally lol, especially in sports, coaches would pick the player who ran the most over the player with the best technique 100% of the time. Now he had the confidence of a thousand shit kids back when he was young and the talent to back it up, it became a huge divider as he was such a public figure as well in Sweden, I mean he is probably the most famous now-living Swede. As he became an adult he adopted that type of humour as his media personality, people have joked about it here for a couple of decades now. He bought an island in the Sthlm archipelago. He has a verb named after him in the dictionary here lol it’s a bit of a joke, it’s a clever business move and he’s worth fuckloads not just as a footballer but as a brand, due to being that way. He’s playing on Swedish modesty and the point is to take it really far, it’s hard to explain better than that. It cracks me up every time.


So I shouldn’t call him a cunt because it’s an inside joke?

I mean you don’t have to like it of course. It’s a perpetual divider here in Sweden as well (even though I think most people here get him by now). Just get that his thing is to always say shit like this, it’s making him millions of monnies and many think it is hilarious. Does he think he is better than most players? probably, so do probably most really good players, they just don’t say it out loud because it’s culturally seen as this and that, he enjoys trolling that very perception with people. His confidence made him probably the first player to get through the Swedish footballing school without being a disciplined hard-working stereotype, and he uses that perception of him being ridiculously over-confident to play on how uncomfortable people get when he expresses it really excessively. It’s a type of humour that maybe is easier to get if you had the Swedish modesty thing hammered into your backbone, I don’t know lol

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