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did he score an overhead kick?

Was a perfect hattrick as well, right foot, left foot, header.

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And could do a semi-decent robot celebration too :sweat_smile:


Man Shava was class. Too bad he didn’t like to play football in his final arsenal years.

Did anyone read the comments absolutely howling here :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

That last commenter was me for a few seconds :joy::joy:


“Fuck off Vida, it’s my goal”


Interesting development for the epl

Will never be used.

How come? They said it is meant to start being used this season.

I mean the scenario that would call for this to be the means to separate two teams will never happen. What are the odds that after an entire season two teams will finish level on all counts?

Dont they just mean on the table in general not for winning just like say if 2 teams were on 58 points the team that goes a place above would be the team that has won more heads to heads or is this only for the case of winning the league if tied on points i thought they meant a general rule change for tied points in its entirity.

Sure when compiling the table they’ll use it if needed but it’s not really relevant and even during the course of a season two teams are basically never tied on points, goal difference and goals scored (and therefore also goals conceeded). I can’t think of a less significant rule change.

All that’s changed is the eradication of the one game play off, with head to head being used instead.

Criteria for finishing positions in order:

Goal difference
Goals scored
Head to head results

The head-to-head scenario will come into use to determine the finishing positions of teams who have the same number of points, same goal difference and same goals scored

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Shouldn’t this be in the Arsenal transfers thread?


Neville looks like Fergie, kind of scary actually

The Athletic are doing what they did in the US. They’ll go into the football podcast market soon enough…

Adam Crafton, lol. Thought The Athletic were respectable and high quality… why do they want someone who cries over a gif?!

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