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That kicking the back of his on heel was an art form.
He was no Robbie Rensinbrink


League schedules are out and not one bit of luck.

I am coming over to Germany this year and perhaps Portugal & Spain in 2020 but all the clubs are on away duties on my dates.


PS - Red Bull Salzburg baby :metal:

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good that he has his dog back, was upsetting when I saw it on ssn yesterday that his dog was missing


Hi all,

I have a football friend just got a heart attack on Sunday and in unconscious status.
I don’t really know what happened, but the hospital lowered his temperature for 24 hours and used another 24 hours to raise his temperature back to normal this early morning and see if he could wake up.

He had responds but not able to follow the nurse’s instructions, then they put him into sleep mode again. Better than coma but he is basically in unconscious status from Saturday.

He is a long time Arsenal fan, and my friends and I would like to know, if the club could send him a card as a courtesy, or have similar gesture like that… even he is unconscious right now, any encouragement is great.

If you know anything about this, pleas let me know ASAP.


I’d try hitting them up on Twitter or Instagram, I imagine they’d be pretty on top of this they always have been in the past.

Hope your friend has a speedy recovery mate, hang tight


Thanks Cristo

They definitely do it. A friend did it for his grandad a few years ago. It can take a while though. He wrote to The Charity Department at Highbury House. Though maybe take Cristo’s advice and ask them on Twitter first, there may be a faster way of doing it.

Also, if anyone on here has arranged a letter from Arsenal for someone’s wedding day they might have some advice too as it’s the same department who organise it.


Sorry to hear about your friend. Explore the website and find a contact form or an email address, if you don’t fancy tweeting about this serious matter. If their customer service team is worth a shit they’ll get you where you need to be fairly easily.


Thanks Phoebe and Jakey

My other friends already emailed the club and post on Twitter… still trying to find a way to post on Instagram…

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ask@arsenal.co.uk looks like the best email address for your needs on the site, having had a quick look.


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thanks again, Jakey


If this is something you want doing quickly I would advise giving them absolutely all the info they might need in your initial email: names, details you want in the letter, the relevant contact information etc.

I know that sounds a bit obvious but I work in a non face to face customer service team and doing this enables resolution at the first point of contact, which is exactly what they’re seeking. Best not to send an introductory email asking if it is possible and wait for a reply before giving them the info they need. Also because the people staffing that inbox might need to pass it on to another department, so it might take longer than you anticipate for you to get your first meaningful reply.


thanks Jakey

Put the lads name on here in a new thread. Sure a few would send him a get well message.

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It is alright, Stroll… thanks a lot
He woke up yesterday, but very slow to response… couldn’t talk yet.

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always liked Crouchy, despite his awkward lankiness he made a decent career for himself and was a really handy player to have, funny guy as well and seems like a top person, best of luck to him on whatever he does next

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And would score worldies occasionally

my worse memory of him was when Liverpool beat us in about 06/07/08 and crouchy scored the goals, can’t remember the exact year

Think it was March 2007 and we lost 4-1 at Anfield. Crouch got a hattrick