Premier League 2022/23

I love a scale between 94% and 106%


Certain scales you wouldn’t tbf

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I can’t imagine City are going to pick up less points in the second half of the season then they did in the first half……

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Teams closest the top are more likely to finish top 4. Teams nearest the bottom are more likely to get relegated. Those scientists over at the Athletic are worth every penny.


Can we have a title race thread?
I always wanted one on OA but we were never in it.


I reckon that 88-90 total should be enough to get it done. City have 45 from 20 games so of they win 14 from 18 and draw the other 4 they would be able to hit over that (91 pts). It’s not impossible for them obviously.

Yes. Yes we can.

Excellent, can you move the poll there as well?

Bit to early?

The season started in August man


Another graphic :joy:

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that gives me a headache


Stop the graphics

Our Everton game at the Emirates better be the first midweek in March when the FA cup 5th round ties take place.

Absolutely no excuse for it not to be with both teams being out of the cup.

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Premier League games can happen now at the same time in the 5th round I think no? Should do on the weekend if both have a free one

Premier league games are scheduled during the QF weekend, so I see no reason why Arsenal can’t play Everton in the midweek when the 5th round games are taking place…

But no doubt they’ll shove it somewhere in April / May when we already have 10 league games and potentially European ones also.

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Was it supposed to be a TV match? That’ll be their reasoning if the tv slots are already full that weekend.

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Nope was moved to Sunday because of Europa group stages