Premier League 2022/23

Ah I thought it was a tv game. Interesting. Think we’ll see it played in March though.

Liverpool fan page haha, they probably spent 500 million in 2018

That is probably net spending

Doesn’t matter really.

I don’t think there’s one Liverpool fan out there who is happy about the money they saved, compared to the clubs on top of that list, when they see what a wreck of a team they have atm compared to a year or two ago.

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They spent like £170-180m in 2018-19 I think. Convenient to leave that summer out and start the year after lol


Chelsea :eye:

Exactly, lol.

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8 pts clear of city when they visit the Lane :arteta2:

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You being confident makes me worried.


All that money spent and the only world-class player in that starting lineup is a 38-year-old center back

Auba not even on the bench and they have no strikers available. wtf is going on

A first start for the Ukrainian prince, expecting a goal or an assist tonight.


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Unfortunately the guy just has all the tools, missing out on him will unfortunately sting.

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You dont have to cream yourself everytime he touches the ball tho.


Gary Neville making everything about Man Utd here. Fuck this guy man

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