Premier League 2022/23

Exactly. The squad has really gone through a transition. So many were writing off the Jesus and Zinny signings and they have been so key.

And neither side is full of PL winners, but we got 2 who joined a quickly improving squad. They bedded in immediately and had such a huge impact in the mentality from the start. Now they all believe. And they all have the talent to back it up.

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Where does the term rooster come from in American sport? As I don’t understand it at all haha.

I’d remind the fool of his stupid takes all the time if I was working with him.

I don’t know tbh. You see it used in an academic setting sometimes (i.e.: a class roster) but it’s very prevalent in North American sports. Baseball, basketball, hockey, American football all use the term. Hell, there are even discussions about playoff rosters in baseball.

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So rosters and not roosters

I swear I thought it was roosters as well

Roster just means list. it’s just a different way from us of describing a squad.

Whereas we use the word register. But ultimately it all means the same thing.

For me it starts at 09/10 as thats when we got sky for the first time

Best Era is the Writing in The Stars era then the Kasbian one then the Found What I been looking for era.

2019/20 was a weird one they only used it for one season.

I’m getting sick of the current era now tbh :joy:. Hope they change it for next season

really just a bunch of cocks

What a bop that song is. Heard it on the intro, straight into the running playlist.

Unmatched Intro


Who was that for

Don’t follow mate, do you mean the year?

Absolutely loved it when that rolled in before the matches.

I guess ESPN or some Asia based network created this and you guys were not exposed to it.


Trion answered was meaning the broadcaster hah

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It is when someone with a Scottish accent hits the “o” with a long u sound. I’ll bet the groundskeeper from The Simpson’s pronounces it “rooster” even if it’s speller “roster”.

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If we address the depth issue in midfield I really think we’ll go on to win it.

I don’t even think City will have their insane annual run of 12 straight wins this time. Although they’ve proven many wrong on this before but at some point they won’t be able to match those standards. This could be that year.

We’re so well drilled at the moment and the belief is sky high.

One more quality defensive or central midfielder and Jesus to return back on schedule and I back this Arsenal side to clinch it.

There’s quality cover all over the pitch even Jesus can play in Saka’s position and Vieira is capable in midfield.

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What I’d love to know is does Neville think it’s gonna be a catastrophe fade-out from Arsenal to finish 3rd ? Or does he believe United is just capable of getting 45 points from their last 18 games or so ?

Sky’s is woeful compared to that lol

What the actual fuck is that shit,