PL title race 22/23

How many points would be needed to win the PL?

  • 85 - 87
  • 88 - 90
  • 91 - 93
  • 94 - 97
  • 98 or more

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Thread title good?

We need a general Premier League 22/23 thread for this type of thing

Ughhh, I didn’t want to be the original poster of the thread to avoid the blame of jinxing :joy:

Dammit sham

Actions/consequences innit

To early for me, dont wanna jinx it

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Next 3 games look good for us

Spurs A
Villa H
Arsenal A

Everton A
Brentford H
City H

We do have a bit of wriggle room here. These games with City are must wins for them.

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That City game in Feb is really starting to get me excited. Top of the table clash, another big test for us amd the Master v Pupil narrative adds a bit more to the mix.


The pressure is all on Man City to beat us, drawing is no good for them.
If we draw both games against them in the PL, then we’ve kept the same lead.
If we win both games against them in the PL, we’ll win the title. :grinning:

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Not to get ahead of myself, but quite confident that we can beat City at home.

I think we could beat them in one of the games, which would be better than two draws.
But what ever happens, the pressure is on Man City to win and try to stop us pulling further ahead.

When City turn it on they are the best team, their high is higher than ours. But we’re more consistent than City this season. And consistency is what will win us the league. Probably need around 90 points.

Any points taken off City works tbh. As it stands City can hit 99 points if they win every game. That coming down is just as important as gaining our own points. Definitely a win is better for the momentum etc but two draws…I wouldn’t be mad.

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In terms of the points gap, winning one and losing one or getting two draws makes no difference. We both get 2 points or we both get 3 points.

Think I’d prefer the draws in a way, as then we’re not experiencing losing, so might be better for momentum.

We gotta become Centurions this season.

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Adam Crafton put Spurs third?!

(he’s low-key cooking, I can see Spurs and Liverpool trumping Newcastle and Man Utd, they’re actually not far off despite their poor form)

This is the key and in the last fifteen games since Newcastle lost to Liverpool, the two most consistent teams are us and Newcastle, both only losing one game.

We are the most consistent, having only lost to Man U and drawing a couple.
Newcastle have won nine of their last fifteen and drawn the rest.
They’ve also had clean sheets in their last six games.

In the same amount of games Man City have lost to Brentford and Liverpool with draws against Everton and Aston Villa.

So it’s close between the top three clubs and although Man City have the best squad, they have dropped points in six matches this season, which is good for us.

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Can’t see past united making the 4. More goals than spuds or Newcastle and committed to it.
Liverpool could still make it depending on Diaz and Jota comeback from injury.
Spurs play too many turgid 90 minute games now.