OA Themes thread


@Mysty see! :slight_smile:

All this proves is that you aren’t the only unobservant one on here, the likes are clearly the same colour they’ve always been! :laughing:


That’s fine, I still feel better. :smile:

Meh. Just shows how I’m not obsessed with the Likes feature to have noticed in the first place. :blush:

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Yes you are! See, it earned you a like :grin:

When you click the hamburger icon, members may notice a new small added detail. It’s a ‘hamburger theme’ plugin, that allows you to toggle between the OA light and dark themes, without needing to go into your account settings. Simply click the hamburger button, and you’ll see both themes at the bottom, as highlighted in red.

A very minor update, but hopefully it may prove useful for someone :slight_smile:

How could anyone in their right mind use the dark theme :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


Agreed. It fucks with my eyes too much. Allow that shit

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Its abysmal haha and makes OA look like Online AC Milan :joy:


Out of interest, if members could have a new theme, what kinda colours would you want? :wenger2: Would you want something of a hybrid theme of Light and Dark, or something else? Been ages since we had a new theme!

Alternatively, how would you make the dark theme look less ‘Milany’? :smiley:

No the default theme is good. It has white and red Arsenal colours and goes well on your phone. No need to mess about haha

I like the current theme. It’s pleasant on the eyes.

Yellow and purple stripes please :sunglasses:

Not to worry @NeedCoffee , neither theme would go, I’m just on about a possible third theme for us to have :slight_smile: To me it seems people absolutely love one version and hate the other, depending on preference! So maybe a third theme might be fun to have.



I don’t know how you guys can use light theme on anything.

That shit blinds me. I can’t have a white background on anything.

I’ve also got a permanent blue light filter on my phone lol


Red and white inverse seems the natural way to go if it could be made look decent.

Could base themes on kits ie home and away. Possibly use blue for darker theme? With yellow I mean

While we’re at it, now seems like a good time to find out what theme people actually prefer to use, seeing as we’ve had the Dark one for two years already.

  • OA Light theme
  • OA Dark theme

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do it black and neon pink like this seasons away kit :giroud: :poldi: